Well, it cannot be denied that we all love to check out who visited our WhatsApp profile. Who doesn’t love to have a lot of fan following, right? Some might call them stalkers, but previously you did not have any idea about who is checking out your profile out on WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad, but now with the help of WRevealer, you can know who has checked your profile on WhatsApp.

Yes, we know there are a lot of social media applications that offer similar features but they do not work. But you can rest assured this time because we have brought you the accurate application that shows who all have visited your profile.

Features of WRevealer Cydia Tweak ­– See who visited your WhatsApp Profile

Download Wrevealer Cydia Tweak on iOS fo who check your whatsapp profile

Now before we delve deep into the installation procedure of WRevealer Download, let’s tell you about the features; in simple terms what you are going to get from this application.

1. The WRevealer Cydia app is available for completely free and it is compatible with all the version of iOS and even with iPod touch.

2. The app gives you a complete list of people who have visited your profile along with the respective phone numbers. So you can be completely sure about the person who visited your profile.

3. With this tweak, you can also save the list of the individuals who have visited your profile.

4. The UI is really smooth and logging into your account can be done in just two steps. And the best part is, the app size is really small, making it perfect for the lesser memory of certain Apple Devices.

Now that we have become familiar with the application, let’s install the application.

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Install WRevealer Cydia tweak – Check who visited your WhatsApp Profile on iOS

1. The first step is to download the WRevealer application and the process is really easy; you can download it from the Cydia tool by adding repo: cydia.wrevealer.com.

2. When you have finished downloading, you will be first redirected to a login screen and you have to create an account for using this tweak.

3. After you have logged in, the next screen you shall see “Refresh WhatsApp”. Go to the search for getting the numbers who have visited your profile on WhatsApp.

4. Now, you can see the complete list of the phone numbers on the left-hand side and also the time of their visit is shown in the right-hand side. Amazing isn’t it?

That’s it guys, you are done with download and installing the WRevealer Cydia tweak for iOS devices. Next time some one visits your profile, they will leave a digital trail for you to find out who they are exactly. We hope you found this article useful; and if you agree, don’t forget to share it with your friends.