If you have ever thought of playing high-quality movies like MKV and AVI videos on your Apple device but that is currently on a computer and your device’s default Video player would not play at it all, VLC media player comes to your rescue.

What is VLC?

VLC is a free video playing application that is available for Windows, iOS, Android, and MacOS that plays all types of file format imaginable. Along with this, it lets you easily copy over video files to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and that too without having to use iTunes. VLC is actually going to help you in watching MKV and AVI videos. Let’s check out how.

Here, we are taking MKV file as an example, VLC supports any video file format, as I mentioned let it be MPG, MP4, AVI, MOV etc. To start with, transferring any video file to any iPad, iPhone or iPod requires a computer with the said video file and a Wi-Fi network. Make sure that both, your computer as well as your device is connected to the same network. As the transfer of files relies only on a web browser, so the operating system of the computer won’t matter.

Step 1: Connect both the devices to the same network.

It’s a mandatory step. Without both the devices being connected to the same network, the transfer is not possible. So, again make sure that they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Downloading VLC on your device.

Install VLC on your iOS device from App Store. To make it easy and simpler for you, here’s the direct link to App Store.

Step 3: Setting up VLC Network

Now that VLC is installed on your iOS device, open the VLC app and tap on Done for skipping the introduction. If you want, you can go through it to learn more about VLC.

Tap the Cone icon (VLC Logo) in the upper right corner.

A Menu will open from the left side and look out for Wi-Fi upload switch and toggle it to the ON position.

Step 4: Note the email address.

Once you tap on the Wi-Fi upload, it will display an IP address. Note this IP address as this will enable you to transfer content from a computer.

Step 5: Open a web browser.

From your computer, open any browser and enter the IP Address of the previous step into the URL Bar of the browser. You’ll see an interface like this.

Step 6: Drag and drop your files.

It’s time for you to drag and drop all those video files you want to copy to your device.

Let the upload process complete the file transfer from the computer to your iOS device.

Step 7: You are good to go.

When the copying is finished, you can view the copied files at any time from the VLC media library.