For those who do not know about vShare Download App, let me inform you that it allows you to access a large number of paid Cydia applications, tweaks and AppStore applications. All these applications can be availed for free through vShare.

Install vShare on iOS 9 & iOS 10 without Jailbreak
Install vShare on iOS 9 & iOS 10 without Jailbreak

Features and Advantages of vShare Download

Now, this is a Cydia tweak which was previously not available without jailbreak, but we are thankful to the developers that it can now be installed on our iphones without jailbreaking.

This is really cool, isn’t it? iOS 9.2, 9.3 was released very recently and this newer version has fixed a large number of bugs of previous versions. In this article, we have brought together a complete guide for downloading and installing vShare for iOS 10.1.1, 10.2.

vShare is one of the best apps of its kind and it allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users for installing non-iTunes and also paid iTunes apps. With the removal of Installous app, vShare gained huge popularity and attention among the Apple users. Now, let’s check out the steps for downloading and installing the vShare app for iOS 9 and iOA 10 and above without jailbreak.

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How to Download and Install vShare for iOS 9 and iOS 10 and above on iPad, iPhone, iPod Without Jailbreak

1. The first step is to open the browser within an iOS device. And then you have to search for or type “vShare” within the search bar. Click on enter.

2. Once you get into the website, you shall have two different options to choose from: the jailbroken or the un-jailbroken device. Since this is for the non-jailbroken devices, click on “download for non-jailbroken devices” option.

vShare Download for unJailbroken Devices on iOS 9, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3

3. Once you click on enter, you shall receive a message that says “ is going to install vShare”. Click on accept and install.

Install vShare for iOS 9, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 on iPhone, iPad, iPod

4. After you have done this, you shall get a message that says vShare is an untrusted app and when you open the app from the home screen, there will be two options: trust and don’t trust. Tap on the trust option.

That’s it! You are installing vShare without any error. The above-mentioned procedure is pretty simple. Follow these steps and the vShare app will install on your device.

The process is suitable for all the versions of iOS 9 and iOS 10. Some users might get an issue that vShare is not installed on their device. For them, check the download link that you are tapping on. If you click on the download link for jailbroken devices, it won’t work.