Now that the whole world has gone crazy over the newly released iOS 10 versions for the iDevices, it cannot be denied that a lot of people are looking for different applications and features that can be downloaded and installed over their iDevices.

Yes, it’s true that iOS 10 is supposed to comprise of a lot of better upgrades than the previous versions and it will definitely have the vShare app that was available for the previous versions also, but definitely with some better functions and features.

In this article, we are going to share with you the complete details about how to download and install the vShare aka the AppVV for the iOS 10.

What is vShare AppVV? Why Download AppVV on iPhone, iPad?

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But before we delve into the details and steps for downloads, let us check out what actually vShare app is. For those who have been using their iDevices for quite some time now, they do know what vShare is. But for those who do not know, vShare is one of the best Installous alternatives.

This was the Cydia app installer that was used to install all the paid applications for free. vShare is an absolutely free app and this one is updated periodically for additional features that are added on to it. If you have tried Installous before then you know how annoying are the captcha codes and the waiting times.

The best feature of vShare is that it is going to offer you all the iPA files and the paid applications, tweaks, and the games from the Cydia store for completely free. Now let us have a look at the steps for downloading and installing the vShare app aka AppVV / vShare (aka appvv) source.

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How to Download and Install vShare AppVV for iPhone, iPad With Jailbreak

The first step to remember is, the device needs to be jailbroken. You can make use of Pangu or TaiG for jailbreaking the device. The next thing is the jailbroken device needs to have Appsync installed within it. Without the Appsync, you will not be able to download and install it.

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Now, there are actually two ways for downloading and installing the vShare for iOS 10. Either you can download it from Cydia, through the addition of the vShare repo or you can also use the direct download links.

1. Now, once you have jailbroken your iDevice, then you have to download and install Appsync from Cydia. There are a lot of sources; it is recommended for downloading through the official repo.

2. The first step is to launch the Cydia store and then tap on Manage, then go to the Source, and then finally tap on Add.

3. Now you will need the official vShare repository for searching and downloading Appsync. The official repository is

4.  Once the above repository is added, then you will be able to check out all the apps. Search for Appsync, in Cydia. The vShare repository will find the result and just install it.

5. While installing is done. Open the Appsync application and then search for the vShare or AppVV. Cydia will show you the relevant options for downloading. Download the vShare and then just reboot your device once. That’s it.