Apple users, especially those who have the iOS 10 would be delighted if they could enjoy their favorite games and apps freely without resorting to jailbreaking.

Fortunately, Vshare does just that without any drama. Vshare app is a much sought after app because of its ability to enable easy download of games and apps both for Android and iOS users.

Why is Vshare App Install – important?

Download and Install vShare for iOS 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 on iPhone, iPad, iPOd, Android, PC without Jailbreak

Before Vshare, Apple device users could not get free access to the apps and tweaks from the app store of Apple or iTunes.

While Android users have several free apps that can be accessed outside Google Play store, Apple device owners don’t have that privilege. With Vshare, you can easily access any number of apps and all of them for free. The best part is there is there is no jailbreak.

What is Vshare Download used for?

Vshare comes with a whole lot of benefits for ios 10 to thrill you even more!

1. Users can download all cracked apps directly.

2. Easy access to Moviebox app.

3. All paid apps available in the Apple store can be downloaded and enjoyed free of cost.

4. Another amazing use of Vshare for iOS is it enables updating cracked apps, which you have already downloaded and installed with other similar applications.

Does Vshare iOS really work?

Vshare is a Cydia alternative that users would find very effective. Here are some of the incredible features of the app, which would convince you of its efficacy.

1. Simple and easy to do direct download feature.

2. It is compatible with all types of Apple devices and versions.

3. User interface is easy to personalize based on user needs

4. Several options to pick from to use the features

5. It is easy to share the downloaded apps over Wi-Fi network

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Download and Install vShare AppVV on iOS 10 With Jailbreak (and) Without Jailbreak

How to Download and Install vShare on iOS 10 and above for iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

One reason for Vshare’s popularity is its simple download and installation process. The steps given below will show you how easy it is.

1. Open Safari Browser in your device. Go to by typing the address in the browser’s address bar.

2. Once the Vshare website opens, you will see a tab with, ‘Download (jailbroken)’. Use this tab, or if you own a jailbroken device, directly tap on the download option.

3. When the download is complete, you will see a pop up requesting permission for installing Vshare. Tap on the Install option you see on the screen.

4. Click on ‘Home’ button and wait for the installation to end.


If you receive a message like, ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ or a similar message indicating that the phone does not trust the app, you should hit the cancel button. Now go to the ‘General’ features in Settings and tap on ‘Profile’ feature. Identify the untrusted message and after selecting it, click twice on the ‘Trust’ tab. Now the app will change to trusted form and you can use it without any hassle.

Let we know any comments on the vShare app not installing (errors)/ not working.