Google has finally merged 2 of its backup & synchronization utilities: Google Drive & Google Photos Uploader. Google has merged these 2 apps into a brand-new app called Google Backup & Sync.
You can use this app to take the backup of a particular folder or the entire drive. You can also sync this app with your Mac so that it automatically takes a back-up of new files coming up on your computer.

Basically, Google desires to take the back up of your entire hard drive. It does back up your Desktop & Documents by default, just like Dropbox. Apart from Desktop & Documents, you do have an option of selecting other folders as long as space is available on your Google Drive.

You can download Google Backup & Sync for desktop from here.

Main Features

  • It directly backs-up original (high-quality) pictures from Apple Photos Library,
  • Directly backs-up Desktop & Documents folder, and
  • Syncs the selected folders on the drive with your Mac.

Setting up Back up & Sync on your Mac

During the installation process, the app will ask you to do some configurations. In the second step, it will ask whether you want to perform a continuous back up for Desktop and Downloads folder. You can also select other folders that you want to.

google backup and sync 2

Another important thing is to check whether newly added photos and videos are also added to Google Photos. After doing this, you will be able to access those intelligent features of Google Photos. You can also choose to take back ups of data in your USB devices and SD Cards.

In the last step, you will have two options:

  • Sync entire Google Drive setup with Mac, or
  • Sync only selected folders.

After this, click on Ok and it will start uploading your files.


Go to Back up icon > Menu Button > Preferences.

google backup and sync 3

google backup and sync 4

Here, you can set some preferences like syncing all of your files and folders or only selected folders. Also, you can set download and upload speed.

We, at, have been personally enjoying this update. Earlier, there used to be dozens of errors while uploading photos. With the introduction of Google Backup & Sync, the uploading process has become quite smooth.

Have you started using this app? What has been your experience? Do share with us.