Apple launched the first preview version of iOS 10.3 for the developers on January 25th, 2017. This update saw a few new additions to the existing software. This beta version gave all of us a very glimpse of what we can except when the device is going to be launched. Needless to say, many more features will be added during this beta process while a few may be gone too., iOS 10.3

There has been an array of updates in this version but here are some of the updates that we have gone through:

1. Updates in Find My iPhone App

There was a reason why Find My AirPods was removed from the App Store. It has been integrated into Find My iPhone App is iOS 10.3 and you might not need to worry about any of your Apple devices to be lost.

2. SiriKit updates

The updated Siri now has the ability to make payments for your bills, schedule you rides from taxi service providers, check payment status and if you are a cricket fan, you would definitely love this update.  You can now check scores of cricket matches by simply asking Siri.

3. Reduced Motion in Safari

Have you struggled with the motion effects when browsing the web? Well, iOS 10.3 comes with a support for Reduce Motion preference in the Safari.

4. Widgets of Podcasts App

If you are a user of Apple’s stock podcast App, then there is a good news for you. iOS 10.3 has added Widgets to this app.

5. Shortcuts in CarPlay App

If your car system supports Apple’s CarPlay, you will now be able to use recently used apps through shortcuts without having to go back to Home screen.

6. HomeKit Updates

Apple’s HomeKit now supports programmable switch accessories and hence, it is finally starting to gather pace.

7. Hourly Weather Forecast via 3D Touch

In the stock Maps app of Apple, you can now use the gesture on the weather icon to see an hourly broadcast of that area.

8. In-App App Store Reviews & Ratings

With this update, developers can now ask the users for reviewing an app right inside the app instead of redirecting to App Store. Developers are also anticipating that they will also be able to respond to the reviews provided by the users.

9. Color-coded iCloud Storage Summary

With the introduction of a new section in Settings named User Profile & Security Section, a new color-coded usage meter for iCloud storage has been added to the Settings app.

10. The Apple File System

iOS 10.3 has introduced the Apple File System (AFPS) which debuted last year with Cupertino’s MacOS Sierra last year. Apple has mentioned that it will launch  the final version of iOS 10.3, it will automatically convert the file system of all iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and TV.

So, these have been the updates in the very first beta release. Let’s wait to find out what Apple has in its store for future beta releases.