There is no doubt that the technology used by Apple in Face ID is just awesome. But it is debatable whether it is more convenient than Touch ID? There are some conspiracy theories that say that with the help of Face ID, Apple can

  • Track you and your shopping patterns, and
  • It can be used for mass surveillance.
Being an avid iPhone user, I can say that it is highly unlikely that Apple, a tech giant would do so.

Talking about the real concerns, it is now, even more, easier for thieves and law enforcement agencies to force you to unlock your phone.

According to Apple, the chances of Face ID being duplicated is 1 out of a million. This number makes it 20 times more secure than Touch ID with a failure ratio of 1 in 50,000.

The Legal Aspect

Law Enforcement Agencies can ask you to unlock your phone with your Touch ID if they have a warrant. And it is also speculated that same will become applicable for Face ID. But they can not ask you to unlock your phone using passcode or password due to the Fifth Amendment. Let’s see what are the upcoming legal developments related to Face ID.

The Big Question: Is it possible to quickly disable Face ID?

If there is an urgent need when you need to disable Face ID, keep calm as you can quickly turn off Face ID. You do not need to fear as this method will only take a second to disable Face ID on your phone. For example, there is thief asking you to unlock using Face ID, this method will easily help you out.

What do you need to do?

On iPhone X, all you will need to do is press all the buttons on both the side together. See the image for more clarification.


In other devices running iOS 11, you will need to press the power button 5 times. Doing so will enable Emergency SOS mode which will require you to enter the passcode to activate the Touch ID.

We will update this post as we get more information in this regard.