Though macOS Sierra is not a great update to macOS, it still does some refinement. As seen, Apple is trying to make everything smoother and faster. Apart from big things, here is a list of hidden features to look out for in this new update.

Hidden Features

1. Personalized Browsing Per Site

macOS High Sierra Safari Site Customizations

In Safari, you can now set some features specific to a particular website. These features include Reader. Content Blockers, Zoom, Auto-Play, etc.

2. Automatic Reader Mode

macOS High Sierra Safari Reading List

macOS High Sierra features an automatic reader mode. Hence, you can easily get rid of advertisements, navigation, and other distractions.

3. Sync Messages using iCloud

macOS High Sierra Messages iCloud

Well, you can now sync your messages on your Mac as well as your iPhone. Everything is synchronised over iCloud. Hence, the transmission takes place with end-to-end encryption, just like Whatsapp web.

4. Easier Mail Search

macOS High Sierra Mail Top Hits

Searching on Mail is made easier as Apple as put a section called Top Hits at the top. This section contains the most relevant searches.

Also, searching in Mail has been speed up as macOS now uses Spotlight to index your messages.

5. Syncing Face Recognition Data over all devices

macOS High Sierra People Faces

Now, Photos app on macOS High Sierra will sync facial recognition data over all your devices through iCloud.

6. New Categories in Memories

macOS High Sierra Photos Memories UI

Memories in Photos App now features different cateogies for you to save your photos and videos. It now has categories like pets, sports, entertainment, etc.

7. Edit Live Photos

macOS High Sierra Live Photos Editing

You can now edit your Live Photos on Mac. You can trim and mute them apart from setting a key photo.

8. Live Photos Effects

Just like iOS 11, you can now put effects to your live photos. Options available for putting an effect include boomerang, loop, and bounce.

9. Seamless Editing with Pro Apps

Now, you can directly open photos from the Photos app in any pro-software.

macOS High Sierra Edit With Apps

And when you have completed the editing part, you can save changes to Photos app directly from the said pro app.

10. Built-in Editing Tools

macOS High Sierra Pro Editing Tools

The in-built Photos app features two more functions for editing photos: Selective Colour & Curves.

11. Easier & Better Photo Organization

macOS High Sierra Photos Sidebar

With macOS High Sierra, you can now select multiple photos at once and move them by simply dragging and dropping.

So, this was first part of our list of hidden features in macOS High Sierra. Were you aware of these features? If now, there are more to come. Stay tuned for second part of this post.

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