After launching the Timeline Feature for Android users way back in mid-2015, Google has finally launched this feature for its iOS users. While this feature has improved tremendously over the last 2 years or so, Apple users would not have to face many problems that Android users did in 2015.

Now, if you know what this feature actually is, it is all fine and good. But you do not know about this feature of Google Maps, continue reading.

What is Timeline Feature of Google Maps? What does it do?

Timeline feature tracks the location of a user throughout the day. It provides a user with all the places he has visited in a day. Though the location can not be 100% precise at times, there is a possibility that a location has been marked wrongly in your Timeline.

To solve this problem, Google gives an option to edit the places you have visited. You also have an option to remove a place from your location history. You can also delete the data collected in the entire day.

What is the privacy of your data?

All the location data of a particular user collected by Google can be accessed by the user only. The data collected stays private and can not be accessed by any other service provider or any other user.

Pros & Cons?

Well, the biggest benefit of having Timeline feature is that you can easily track the places you have visited. Also, Google sends you a monthly report through email by summarizing all the locations you visited in the previous month. Coming to the cons, the same thing can be quite dangerous if this sensitive information falls into the hands of unintended users.

Overall, you should definitely go for it. You can download Google Maps application for iOS from here. Explore the feature and do let us know your experience. We will love to hear from you.