The all new Files app in iOS 11 replaces iCloud app in iOS 10 and earlier versions. Previously, iCloud app was nothing more than just a document picker. Since beta version of iOS 11 is out, we did a check on the all new files app for you.

Things you should know about new Files App in iOS 11

1. Files from Cloud & Local Storage

Files app locations

For now, there is only iCloud storage available. Once iOS ships for everyone, you will be able to add third-party sources like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. For the record, there is also a section for local storage.

2. Classic Nested File Structure

Files app nested folders

Folder structure makes the new files App similar to a file system. You can simply tap and hold on empty space to create a new folder.

3. Grid View & List View

Files app list view

By default, you will see all files and folders in the list view. To change it to grid view, swipe down in the folder view and tap the list view button.

4. Tags

Files app tags

Another interesting feature in the new Files App is the Tag Feature. You can tag your files for specific colors and find them accordingly when you need just by clicking on the color.

5. Intra & Inter Drag and Drop

This is going to be one of those key features that decide how we interact with the Files app. Not only you can drag and drop inside the Files app, but also across the entire operating system.

ipad drag and drop in Files app

 iPad inter app drag and drop

6. Preview Documents

Now, the new Files app can give you preview of certain file types right inside the app. These files include images and text files. But if you have corresponding app installed, tapping on a file will open it in a corresponding app.

Files app preview

7. Open Zip Files

Files app Zip preview

Though you can not archive files in the new files app, but you can open zip files in the app.

8. Search Feature

Files app searchUnlike other iOS apps where you have to swipe down inside an app to open the Search bar, the search bar in the Files app is consistent.

9. Info Panel for Files

Files app get info

Now, when you will tap and hold on a file, you will see a contextual menu. Then if you tap on Info, you will now see a information panel that displays information about a file such as file name, file type, its location, etc.

10. Multiple Sorting Features

Files app date sorting

If you swipe down in a folder, you will now see a list to sort files by following options such as: date, name, size, tags, etc.

So, these were a few cool things that we found in the new Files app in iOS 11. Is there something that we missed out on? Feel free to drop us a message. We will be happy to help you out.