The popularity rating of SnapChat has increased in the past few years, making it a platform on par with communication apps such as Whatsapp.  The application allows users to share their messages, short recordings, and pictures in different ways. Many brands and services are finding the platform very effective for their marketing.

Why you need multiple Snapchat accounts?

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While users find most of the features in SnapChat favorable, one little drawback of using the app is it does not allow having a second account in a single device.

While it is common to have multiple accounts in social media apps, it is not possible to use two accounts simultaneously.

A user has to log out of an account and log in again to the other account to use it. This can cause great inconvenience when people do not like waste time in this tech-savvy world.

Benefits of Using Multiple Accounts

For users who have a professional and private account and want to share pictures or messages on both, it is necessary to have a convenient switching between the different accounts.

This way they can post a single picture, story or video on multiple Snapchat accounts. Instagram, Twitter, and a few other social media applications have included features that enable switch of accounts to enhance the experience. So, why SnapChat should fall behind?

Installation and Use of Multiple Snapchat Accounts on iOS without Jailbreak

For iOS users, it is not possible to use a secondary account as jailbreak tweaks have not been released yet. If you need to install multiple Snapchat accounts on your iPhone without using jailbreak, here are the set-up and usage steps.

Using this process, you can install a second Snapchat account on a single iPhone or iPad device. You will no longer need to log off from an account and log in again into another account.

Read on to know more about this hassle-free account management:

Installation and Use Instructions

1. Unlock your iOS device. Open the Safari browser on the device.

Type the following address in the browser address bar:

2. The download page will appear straightaway. The page will be in the Arabic language, but you needn’t worry about it.  Find the Snapchat icon in the page. Click on the download option present beneath it.

3. A popup will appear on the screen. Click on install option in the popup.

4. Now click on the Home button. The application will begin downloading. Press on ‘Pause’ option to stop the download.

5. Now go to ‘General’ features to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Date and Time’. Change the “Set Automatically’ option by disabling it. Set the date back to September 2015.

6. Press on ‘Home’ icon again and tap to continue with the download process. The download will be over in a couple of minutes.

Now you can find a second Snapchat icon in the home screen once you have gone through the above steps. You can find that it is easy as ever to use two or more accounts this way.