Finally, it looks that Apple is standing with shoulders high in terms of face recognition. Apple’s Android competitors like Samsung Galaxy 8 are a notch behind Apple’s all-new iPhone X. Apple has added an array of sensors along with a good front-facing camera to improve facial recognition.

Also, Face ID has replaced Apple’s Touch ID as the primary biometric authentication mode.

According to Apple, it is also more secure and reliable. The chances of making Touch ID fool were 1 in 50,000 while same with Face ID is 1 in a million. So, this definitely means some security to the device.

Setting up Face ID

To start with, go to

Settings > Face ID & PASSCODe.

Now, tap on Enroll Face followed by a tap on Get Started. This will activate your front camera and the infrared sensor on your iPhone X.

Now, you will a circle on your screen in which you to align your face to start off the process. Once you align the face in the circle, the camera will start detecting your face and analyzing it.

Your phone will now instruct you to move around your face in a circular motion. Now, the camera and sensors will capture all the angles of your face. And as you do so, the gray lined-circle will start converting into green color.

Once your face gets completely captured, you will be asked to set up a backup code.

After this process is completed, you will be able to unlock your iPhone with nothing but your face.

Automatic Unlock

You might want to know what is this actually? You can unlock your device by just picking it up or pressing the side button.

To enable it by picking up,

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Raise.

After doing this, just look at your phone or press the side button and look at your phone to unlock it.

Feel free to drop us a text just in case you need any help with iPhone X.