If you are looking to use RecBoot and don’t know what is is, then we guess you are in serious trouble. let us enlighten you – RecBoot is actually a free software that allows you to send an iPhone or iPad or iPod into recovery mode with just a single click of a mouse.

Why should you Download RecBoot for Mac / Windows?

Recboot Download for iPhone, iOS, Windows 7,8 10 32 bit and 64 bit, Mac OS X free 2.0

Most of those people who are looking to download RecBoot are actually in various troubles such as either the home button is not working or the device has gotten stuck in the recovery mode loop. By recovery mode loop, it is meant that there has been a software failure that arises due to the faulty iTunes (error) or any incompatible iOS update installation. This will make your device continuously boot within the recovery mode even when you want to boot or restart it in normal mode.

Now, if you have been facing any such issues, do not worry.  We have got the complete solution for you. This is absolutely free software that does not need any kind of external supportive software to boot your device.

All you have to do is download the RecBoot from the different links available from the internet for both Windows and Mac versions separately and install it on any of the desktops that you are using, be it Mac or Windows. Now that we have learned quite a few things about this app, let us delve directly into the steps for using RecBoot.

Download iFunBox for Mac, Windows

How to Download and use RecBoot to Enter / Exit iPhone Recovery Mode for Windows & Mac

1. The first step is to download the application from the various online websites. Make sure these sites are free of malware. There are chances that some websites which might contain malware while downloading this software.

2. After the download, you have to install the software on your PC/Mac.

3. Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac and then run the software.

4. The device shall be recognized automatically. Just sit back and relax.

5. Click on either of the options that you get– “enter recovery mode” or “exit recovery mode”.

Recboot Download Enter Recovery Mode Exit Recovery Mode

That’s it; you won’t have to take any further actions. You have successfully learned how to use RecBoot to save your iPhone without taking it to the service centers.

RecBoot download is the simplest way of removing or putting your device into the recovery mode. So the next time you are stuck with this problem, remember Reboot.