With the release of a first beta version of iOS 10.3 and jailbreaks for iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.2, and if you have not found enough reasons to do a jailbreak on your Apple device, this post is for you. Moreover, you can check out this post about how to jailbreak your iPhone (iOS 10.1). Though we recommend you to not to do a jailbreak on your iPhone, let’s explore the reasons you should be jailbreaking:

1.    Device Safety

No matter how much times Apple updates its Find My iPhone app, it is still not reached to the level a few jailbreak tweaks have. Apps like iCaughtU Pro have proved to be more secure. With features like the automatic clicking of the picture when someone enters a wrong passcode and effectively prevents your iPhone from getting turned off.

2.    Locking an app or a folder

After jailbreaking an iPhone, you can put one more authentication step on your apps and folders with your Touch ID so that you don’t need to worry about your privacy being intruded anymore.

3.    Reducing eye strain

Just in case you have not heard of this super cool app, check it out right now. What does it do? It changes the colour of your phone’s screen according to the time of the day based on your location. You can check this app here.

4.    Default Apps

Though who have been using iPhone for years know this very well that they can’t set any other third-party app as a default app. But what if I tell you that you can? If you are done with the jailbreak, rush now and download apps like MapOpener and BrowserChooser. MapsOpener lets you set Google Maps as the default app and BrowserChooser enables you to change your default browser.

5.    System Fonts

Yes, you read it right. You can change fonts of an iPhone, but not on a phone without jailbreak. After you have jailbroken your phone, install BytaFont 2 as soon as possible. It lets you change the fonts in Lock screen, apps etc.

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10 reasons to Jailbreak your iPhone

6.    Control System & File System

This list is not yet complete. Jailbreak offers many more things. With apps like iFile, you can access the entire file system on your device along with system files.

Coming to Control System, you can add more than 5 system toggles with the help of apps like CCSettings. Not only you can add extra toggles at the top but you can also add quick launch apps in the bottom.

7.    Lock Screen

Bored with the seeing same iPhone lock screen for years now? Don’t worry, Jailbreak has a solution for you. There are tweaks available such as IntelliScreenX that add a lot of information to your lock screen and notification centre. With the help of this app, you can add Facebook and Twitter to your Notification Center. The calendar view can be extended to 2 weeks with adding a detailed widget of RSS and Mail.

8.    The Message App

Jailbreak tweaks available like MessageCustomiser actually allow you to change the complete look of the Message app and apps like Columba bring biteSMS features to your phone, and along with these two, there are many more features that I have left for you to look out for.

9.    Customizations & Themes

There are a few jailbreak tweaks like Sprintomize 3 that allow you to change every aspect of iOS the way you like. Let it be the increasing the apps on the home page or changing animations, you can customize almost everything.

10. Dark Mode

Apple devices come with a single mode i.e.  bright color mode. But to conclude this list of reasons, how about me telling you that Jailbreak users have the privilege of using Dark Mode as well. With a tweak called Eclipse 4, you can change enable this theme for almost every device on your phone.

So, these were a few reasons that I found good enough for doing a jailbreak on any Apple Device. If you have any such reason that I have not listed, feel free to drop us a text.

However, I am saying this again but we do not recommend you to do jailbreaking on your device.