What is Pokemon Go Features and Why Should you be excited?

When it was first launched, Pokemon Go took the entire world by storm, due to its ever increasing popularity. The game developers had figured out a way to surpass other popular games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

Within a month of its launch and subsequent release, the number of downloads and prevalence grew by leaps and bounds in spite of its constrained accessibility, as it was only available only in some countries of the globe.

Be that as it may, the game’s ubiquity is currently declining, so it iswith great expectations that the fans of this game want to see what highlights Niantic adds to the new edition of the game to make it stillprevalent and keep on playing.

What are the New Pokemon Go Features ?

Pokemon Go features Driving Mode Warning, Sightings more

As expected, Niantic has rolled out v1.5 update of Pokémon Go, which has new features as well as replacements. For instance, the ‘Nearby’ feature which had previously been turned off has been replaced by ‘Sightings’. This article will discuss the most prominent new features of Pokemon Go.

1. Driving mode warning

In the event, that you are driving or being driven while playing, the game will now caution players against playing while driving. In case it detects that you are moving faster than you would normally be expected, a pop up will come up on the screen saying “You’re going too fast“. And if yo are just a passenger, simply click on the ‘I am a passenger’ button in order to continue playing the game.

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2. Sightings

Though this feature is still being tested, it is an imperative part of the update and worth the mention. This feature alerts you if there happens to be new Pokémons detected within your area.

3. Change of nickname

This is also allowed in the new version of pokemon go features. However, you can only change your nickname once, so you need to have settled on one that you feel is most suitable.

4. A battery saving mode

It is also available in the update. This darkens the screen in the event that your device is facing upside down, while the game still continues.

5. The accuracy of the curveball throw

It is one of pokemon go feaures, has also been improved in the latest version of Pokemon.

6. Pokemon Appraisal

Pokemon version 1.5 includes a feature known as the Pokémon Appraisal. This will enable the trainers to get educated tactics of the attacking and defense capacity of their Pokémon through the Team Leader, thus enabling them make an informed decision on which Pokemon to use in battle. This will be most ideal to people who are not yet well acquainted with the ropes of how to play the game.

All in all the new features to be introduced look to be delightful in order to start playing the world’s favorite casual game, Pokémon Go once again. Tell us which your favorite features in the comments section are. And also don’t forget to share this article over social media.