Ever since WWDC 2016, everyone has been talking about the Apple WatchOS 3. And now that the WatchOS 3 is released, there are plenty of exciting new features that the developers have included which make using the Apple Watch a breeze.

With apps that launch instantly and a range of watch faces to choose from, there are plenty of things to look forward to in the latest WatchOS 3.

New Exciting Features and User Interface Changes in WatchOS 3

Watch OS 3 Download and Install, WatchOS 3 Features and User Interface changes on Apple Watch

Here are 15 watchOS 3 features and interface changes –

1. Swiping between watch faces

All you need to do here is just swipe from left or right edge to switch between different watch faces. This is much better and faster than watchOS 2.

2. The dock

Swipe from the bottom of the screen to get hold of the control center to get the dock. It offers your favorite apps, rather the most used ones. It’s frozen in time and updated periodically.

3. Control center

Glances are replaced by the control center. Just swipe and you will see buttons for different things like Do Not Disturb, Airplane Mode, Airplay, Silent mode and battery percentage.

4. Cool new watch faces

Minnie Mouse, Activity and Numerical are the three cool new watch faces. We think you will best like the activity analog watch face.

5. Customize watch face

The watch app has a new tab called face gallery where you view different combinations for all watch faces. Quickly add them and customize them to make them the primary watch face.

6. Workout Screen

If you want to view the different stats while working out, like the calories burned or the time elapsed, then you will get 4 different stats in a single window.

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7. Breathe App

This helps in practicing mindfulness every day. It tells you when to inhale and when to exhale by using a calming animation screen.

8. Scribble to reply

You can just write your reply from the watch. One letter at a time, but it’s really accurate and fast, just tap on the scribble button.

9. Effects in iMessage

Messages saw the biggest update. You can send bubbles, stickers, emojis, and you can use the digital crown to switch between them.

10. Force touch is less

This has been an overarching theme with the watchOS 3. Things do not need the forced touch now, the options show up on a different page.

11. Apple watch from iPhone

Previously you could ping iPhone with Apple watch; now you can do the opposite as well– find apple watch from iPhone.

12. Find your friends

With this feature, you can now see the location and details of your friends and family members that are added to the app.

13. Unlock the Mac

As long as you are wearing the Apple watch, you can unlock your Mac and this is totally secured.

14. SOS

This is the distress call feature of Apple, and it will work irrespective of the location you are in. Just hold the side button for a few seconds.

15. Everything is faster

Starting from logging your weight to tracking your expense, everything has become extremely smooth. Workout and timer apps launch instantly.

Which one of these do you find interesting? Is there something that the developers missed out on? Do let us know in the comments section.