Yes, it is true that till date Kodi needed a jailbreak to download it on your device, but the good news for iOS users is that you can now Kodi download and install Kodi on your devices without jailbreaking.

What is Kodi and how to download Kodi on iPhone and iPad having iOS 9.x without jailbreak

Kodi Download and Install on iOS 9, 9.1, 9.2, 9.2.1, 9.3 Without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad

For those who are not aware of what Kodi is, it is actually a multi-platform center-like application that is available on Cydia. But, with the availability of Apple’s new sideloading feature, it can be installed through the iOS App Signer and the process is really easy.

This is an open source platform that acts as a media player which is available on iOS, Windows and Mac. Thus, in this article, we are going to guide you on installing Kodi on the latest iOS versions without making a jailbreak. The step by step guide is really simple. Just check them out below.

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Kodi Download and Install on iOS 9.x without Jailbreak

1. The first step is to connect the iOS device to your Mac. Then you have to download the Kodi.deb file and also the updated version of iOS App Singer. You have to save both the files on our desktop and also the latest xcode7.

2. Now, once you complete the above step, then you have to just connect the iOS device and launch the latest version of xCode7. Create the fresh application and give it the name “Kodi” and then enter your name within the identifier box.

3. Once you have done that, you shall find the team drop-down Box. You can either push out your current team or you can just log in with your own Apple ID. If any profile issues come up, then you will see a button that says “FIX”. Click on it and it shall solve the profile issues.

4. Minimize the xcode and then launch the iOS App Signer that you have downloaded previously. After that, check on the signing certificate and also the provisioning profile and tap on start. Kodi.ipa shall be saved on the desktop automatically.

5. Once it is done, you have to open Xcode and then tap on the menu bar for selecting the devices. Select the iOS device from the dropdown and tap on the + sign for adding devices and selecting the kodi.ipa file.

That’s it, folks! Kodi app has been developed and it will be launched on your device. Follow all the steps properly and you shall have no issues. However, if you happen to face any sort of issues, please report them in the comment section below and we will find a fix for you!