Do you have trouble accessing the paid apps on the App Store? iPAWind is an excellent tool that allows users easy download, cloning and installation of Cydia sources, tweaks and other things you need for your iOS device without worries about jailbreaking it. And most importantly this is a free app.

Why is iPAWind important?

iPAWind free app Download and install instructions ios 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 9.3 no jailbreak for iphone, ipad

If you own an iPhone or iPad with iOS 10, 9.3, and all the other newer versions, using this app will give you a lot more leeway on how you use your device. For instance, AppStore has several new games and apps that are quite incredible to use but are very expensive. While there are tweaks you can use to access these features, they require a jailbreak, which many Apple users shy away from. With iPAWind, which is an app of open platform type, you can download all the apps you need on your iPhone, Apple TV4 without jailbreaking the device.

Features of iPAWind

Although there are many alternatives in the stores, it has a competitive edge as

1. It has additional beneficial features that allow easy download and installation of apps without jailbreak

2. The app inventory provided by iPAWind is more when compared to stores such as apps like iPAWind AppAddict and AppCake

3. The open platform app has two versions namely a paid edition and a cost-free edition of limited duration

Uses of iPAWind

Users will be able to clone all apps they wish to use and use both the original and the cloned versions on their device.

It is possible to add Cydia sources and download any jailbreak request without installing Cydia or jailbreaking the device.

It is easy to install Minecraft, GBA4iOS or MovieBox.

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Download and Install iNOCydia App iOS 10 above Without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad

How Download and Install of iPAWind iOS 10/ 10.1/ 10.2/ 10.3 Without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad

To download and install iPAWind in your iOS 10, you need to use the iNOCydia app. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Open Safari Browser on your device and download the iNOCydia application. Open the app and enter iPAWind in the iNOCydia search bar.

2. You will be able to view iPAWind app icon. Now click on iPAWind and the install option will appear. Next tap on the install option and the download process will start within a few seconds.  For the download to be done quickly, proper internet connectivity is necessary. For slow connections, the download may take more time.

3. When the iPAWind free app is installed, you will be able to view the extensive collection of mobile games and applications, which you can download and use without any hassles whatsoever.

It is also compatible with Apple watches, so you can use the apps easily on the Apple gadgets too. As you can see the download process is simple and quick. With this app, you can get more out of your iDevice anytime. iPAWind alternative also gets the same results. Let’s get started!