iOS 10 permits the users to view two windows on Safari on their iPads side by side. This is possible with the aid of a new feature referred to as the Safari split-view. This is quite like the Split View standard feature offered between separate applications.

However, there exist certain differences in the standard feature and the one being rolled out for Safari windows to function side-by-side. This article describes how one can use Safari split-view. The prominent features have also been also highlighted.

How to Enable iPad Split Screen View Feature in Safari browser

iPad Split Screen View Multi- tasking on iOS 9, iOS 10 and above

1. Place your iPad in the landscape mode.

2. Open Safari application.

3. Invoke split view by using one of the following methods–

  • Tap and hold the link for selecting Open in Split View feature
  • You can also use the shortcut Command+N on your keyboard
  • Drag a tab on the right or left side of the screen
  • Select Open Split View by tapping and holding on the tab button

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Using iPad Split Screen View Explained in iOS 10

Just open both tabs that you wish to run side by side. You need to tap and hold on the tabs for moving the current view to the left. This makes a black bar appear on the right. You need to slide your finger to the black area. Slowly release your finger for making the two tabs run side by side.

iPad split screen view multi tasking ios 9, ios 10 safari browser open

In yet another method, when you come across a link while browsing that you wish to open in Split-View, then all you need to do is to long press on the link and click the “Open in Split View” feature.

Safari window has its own tab interface, address bar, bookmark buttons and share feature while using Split View mode. It is equivalent to running two applications one beside the other. What differentiates Safari Split View feature and standard Split view feature is that you cannot alter the ratio of the two windows.

Half of the screen is occupied by each window and there is no way you can vary this ratio. However, there is an option for moving the tabs between the windows. All you need to do is to drag the tab from one side to another. The tab retains a place in history while you are doing so thereby permitting you to use back and forward buttons.

Once you enable the Split View feature, it is possible to open links in the browser window that is adjacent. All the user needs to do is to tap and hold the link for selecting the option ‘Open on Other Side’.


iPad split screen view side by side at a time multitasking ios 10

The best thing is that if you force close the application or just close out normally, the application will remember where you last left it. You would automatically be able to re-engage in the Split View feature and all the tabs that were opened would be restored.

Safari split-view is a robust feature that assists all the users of iPad. This is an incredible feature that one can make use of. Please share this article with your friends and colleagues if you found it useful by using our Share page option.