Apple has seeded iOS 11 Beta 4 to the developers. The public beta will be available in a day or two. The fourth beta version of iOS 11 brings much-needed changes in the Control Center apart from other modifications.

1. Swipe Options are Back in Notification Center

ios 11 beta 4 features and changes 3

Swipe option is back but there is a bit of tricky-ness about its implementation. In Beta 4, you will be able to swipe left and well right on the Notification Center as well as from the lock screen.

If you swipe left, it will display some contextual options like Clear, Reply, and so on. While if you swipe a notification right, you will see a new option called Open.

ios 11 beta 4 features and changes 2

The Best Part about this: If you swipe a notification to the other side of the edge, the notification will directly perform its designated action. So, if you will sweep all the way to the left, it will perform the designated action but if you sweep all the way to the right, the application will get closed.

2. Improved Touch ID

ios 11 beta 4 features and changes 4

Well, if you are wondering if we can directly open an app from the Control Center or lock screen? Yes, we can. With the release of the 4th beta, if you tap on the icon on any application in the Control Center, it will ask you to enter Touch ID to access the device. So, if you touch on those icons, it will display a full screen stating that it needs Touch ID to open a particular app.

3. No 3D touch in devices that do not support 3D touch: End of Fake 3D touch

Earlier, pressing the home button for a while performed the same task as of real 3D touch. But after the fourth beta update of iOS 11, the said functionality is no more. For example, if you update your iPhone 6 to iOS 11 Beta 4, pressing the home button for a while will show you contextual options, instead of so-called face 3D touch.

4. Changes to System Apps

Well, it is not something that will set things on fire but yes, there are some minor changes in the icons of stock applications in iOS 11 Beta 4. Icons of apps like App Store, iTunes, Notes, Stocks, Contacts, etc. have gone slight changes that you can see in the above image.

5. Visual Updates in Control Center

Following the history of previous betas, Apple has continued to make changes in the UI of Control Center. Icons like battery and power saver now include color-coded action buttons to give you a better feel about your phone.

6. Changes in Screen Recording

Now, when you tap on Screen Recording icon in the Control Center, it will start a countdown from 3 to 1 in the control center itself. This will enable you to open the screen where you actually want to record. Once the countdown is over, the control turns red to indicate that it is now recording.

Also, the Screen Widget text is now back to “Start Recording.” Earlier in Beta 3, it was changed to Beta 3. This made some people believe that broadcast will make its way in iOS 11. But that does not seem possible now.

7. App Store Updates Page

Well, the updates page in the App Store can now be refreshed.

8. New Splash page for Notes

ios 11 beta 4 features and changes 5

Notes splash page highlights following features:

  • Document Camera,
  • Instant Scanning,
  • Handwritten Notes, etc.

9. New Splash Page for Photos

ios 11 beta 4 features and changes 6

There is a new splash page for photos mentioning

  • New Memories,
  • Live Photos editing,
  • Live Photos Effects, etc.

10. Changes in WiFi icon

The lines in the icon of WiFi in the Control Center are a bit thicker than iOS 11 Beta 3.

11. AirDrop Section in Settings

Now, a specific section for AirDrop in the Settings. You can find it in Settings > General > AirDrop.

12. Relocation of iCloud Message Sync

Previously featured in the Messages section, iCloud Message Sync now appears as a toggle in the iCloud section in the Settings.

13. Storage Capacity Update

In the Storage section, your phone does not show the exact storage anymore. It shows what is marketed like 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB.

14. App Switcher

When you close all the presently open apps in your phone, App Switcher also gets closed also with them. Once you close all applications, you will be redirected to the home screen. So, when there are no apps in the App Switcher and you still try to open it with double pressing the Home Button, it would not open.

15. Other Bug Fixes

Since the new iOS is still in beta versions, each new beta version brings a significant number of improvements over the other. For example, in iOS 11 Beta 4,

  • There are some UI improvements in the App Store,
  • All the display buttons have been fixed,
  • Spotlight Search works in the Home Screen as shown in the advertisements, and
  • While your are shuffling your apps, they are dropped at a proper location.

So, these were a few bugs fixes and improvements that we found in iOS 11 Beta 4. Is there anything that you have noticed and you want us to include it on this list? If yes, feel free to drop us a text.

Also, are you using this Beta version on your regular device? What has been your experience so far with this beta version? Do share your experience with us so that we can share it with the entire community to understand the upcoming new versions in a better way.

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