As usual, the new beta versions keep on polishing the older versions to make them better. Surprisingly, Beta 3 has brought some new features along with a few modifications. Let’s check them out.

1. Swipe up to close applications

ios 11 beta 3 features changes 3`

In earlier beta versions, it was not possible to quit your apps by simply swiping up like we used to do in iOS 10. Beta 3 brings the support for closing applications by a swipe. This works in single app view as well as the split view.

2. Behavior Change in Toggle Buttons of Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

iOS 11 beta 3 features changes 5

In iOS 10, tapping on the WiFi toggle used to turn off the WiFi services. Now in iOS 11, it does disconnect from the current WiFi network but it does not turn off the services. It means that your WiFi remains on and it does not connect to any other network.

3. Notification Center Fixes

In beta 1 and beta 2 of iOS 11, you would have to swipe twice to actually see the notifications. First, you would have to swipe down to see the notification panel and then you will have to swipe up to see the older notifications.

But now, the Earlier today section is shown inline. Hence, making it easier for you to see older notifications.


4. New Authentication API for Safari

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In Safari, Apple has added a new API called SFAuthenticationSession. Now, developers can use it to authenticate users directly from websites and applications. This API is going to be used alongside OAuth for serving this purpose.

5. Safari View Controller Update

There is a visual update for Safari as well. If you use 3D touch to open a link, the UI is quite better. Also, the toolbar is collapsed and there are new default options as well.

6. Content Blockers for Safari are back

Content Blockers are working in Beta 3. Do I need to say anything more on this?

7. iFiles now supports OS X Server & Dropbox Locations

ios 11 beta 3 features changes 4

In the all new iFiles app, you would be able to access your Dropbox account easily. Also, if you have set up an OS X Server, you can now directly access it from your iPad or iPhone easily.

8. AirPlay for 3rd Party Apps

In earlier versions, there were a few performance issues when AirPlay was used in third party applications. Now, it works just fine.

9. iCloud Message Sync Counter

Now, there is a counter in iCloud apps that displays how many messages are being backed up.

So, these were a few changes that we noticed in iOS 11 Beta 3. Is there something that we missed on? Feel free to drop us a message. We will be happy to hear from you.

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