Apple finally launched iOS 10.3 after seven beta versions. iOS 10.3 is available for iPhone 5 or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, iPad 2 or later and iPad Pro Range along with the sixth generation iPod touch or later.

If you are not being prompted for an update till now, go to Settings>General>Software Update and update your device. For all those who have jailbroken device, this update is not for you. iOS 10.3 will surely break any jailbroken device.

Apart from these things, this is what you will get from iOS 10.3:

  • Find My iPhone: You can track your lost AirPods by requesting that a song is played from them. To hear that sound, you will need a quite environment.
  • SiriThe beloved assistant comes with support for paying and checking bill status in the Payments app. You can also schedule your rides, access the functionalities of car manufacturer’s apps etc.
  • CarPlayYou can now access recent apps through the shortcuts in the status bar.
  • iTunes: You can finally rent movies!!
  • Settings: Settings on iOS 10.3 comes with a single unified view for Apple ID information, devices verified and Settings.
  • Maps: With the help of 3D touch, you can finally see hourly weather by tapping on the current temperature. You can also find your way to the place where your car is parked.
  • Calendar: You can now delete unwanted invites in iOS 10.3 and can easily report them as spam.
  • Home: iOS 10.3 comes with support for scenes with switches and buttons using accessories. You can also see battery level status now in the accessories.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts now supports 3D touch. With the Today widget access to recently updated shows and episodes, you can now share the link via messages.

The biggest of all!

With this update, Apple has introduced Apple File System (APFS). APFS has replaced almost 2 decades old HFS+. One more positive point you can get with this update is the efficient use of storage. You might see a difference of 2-3 GBs after updating your phone.

So, these were a few changes that we found. Have you found something that we did not mention or do you need any kind of help? Feel free to contact us.