Clash of Clans has become quite famous for the gamers in the last year or so. Launched in August 2012 for iOS devices and in October 2013 for Android devices, the game quickly rose to the ranks of top downloaded apps.

Clash of Clans is a strategy-based game which allows a player to build his own town. To build a town, a player has to collect resources by attacking other players in the game. Exilir, Dark Exilir, and Gold are the three most valuable resources in this game. A player may join forces with other players, donate and receive troops and many more feature that I am leaving for you to explore.

Why do you need to download this app instead of the original app?

This app that I am talking about is a tweaked version of the original app. In the original app, you have to get the resources for the development of your town by yourself. While in this app, you don’t need to worry about the resources, as they are available in unlimited amount.

So, if you are Clash of Clans fan, this is a must download for you. You would be familiar with the download process if you went through our previous post about downloading Super Mario Run [All Levels Unlocked] on your iPhone or iPad.

Clash of Clans Game Play
Clash of Clans Game Play

Let’s start:

  1. If you have the original Clash of Clans app installed on your phone, uninstall it.
  2. Download the tweaked version of the Clash of Clans IPA from here. Open this link and click on in the right half.
  3. The link will redirect you to a page and the download will start on your computer.
  4. Download Cydia Impactor from here. Cydia Impactor helps you in signing and generating required certificates for the installation of the app on your phone.
  5. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC.
  6. Open the Cydia Impactor that you downloaded in Step 4. Drag the downloaded IPA file on Cydia Impactor. See the image for reference.

    Cydia Impactor
    Cydia Impactor

  7. After you drag and drop the IPA file on Cydia Impactor, it will show you a prompt and ask for your Apple ID.
  8. Enter your Apple ID for generation of required certificates for installation of the app on your iPhone or iPad.
  9. When the installation process is complete, the app icon will appear on your home screen.
  10. Now, rush to Settings>General>Profiles, you will see your Apple ID under Developer App.
  11. Tap on your email address and then tap on Trust to verify the application.
  12. And you are done!

Enjoy your game. And just in case you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments. We would be happy to help!