In any given iOS update, one of the least important change is related to icons. Yet, it is one of those changes that affect the UI significantly. icon

Though there are no drastic changes, there are some modifications that are noticeable. Majorly, Apple has tried to make changes in its stock applications.

As iOS 11 is due to be launched soon, there have been some incremental updates in iOS 11 icons. Please note that these changes are applicable to all Apple devices.

There are two images attached below. One on the left is iOS 10 and the other one the right is of iOS 11.

Here is a brief on all the icons that have changed in iOS 11:

  • Calculator: In the new iOS 11, the calculator icon displays the complete calculator. In iOS 10, it just had signs of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divide.
  • Contacts: In iOS 10, it had a thumbnail icon of a man with A, B, C, and D written on the right side. While in iOS 11, there is a combined icon of male and female and the alphabets removed from the icon.
  • App Store: The icon in iOS 10 had pencils and brushes. The new icon in iOS 11 has overlapping marker lines on the icon.
  • Camera: There is not any huge change in this. The lines at the top and bottom of the camera icon have been removed in iOS 11.
  • Maps: The icon in iOS 10 displayed Apple’s old campus (1, Infinite Loop) while the new icon displays Apple’s new park in a circular design.
  • Notes:  In iOS 10, the Notes icon displayed three darker lines. While in iOS 11, Apple has removed one line and there is a shadow below thick yellow line.
  • Reminder: From five solid lines to four solid lines, and four colored dots to three, Apple has reduced to make them more prominent.
  • iTunes Store: The icon in iOS 11 has changed to a bright star with a dark blue background. Apple has brought this change because iTunes now also include movies and pictures.
  • iCloud app has now changed to File app.


So, these were a few icon changes that we have noticed. Have you noticed some changes as well? Do drop a message here. We would be happy to include the mentioned change in our list.

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