The Home Button on your iPhone is responsible for many functions. A few of them are as follows:

  • Waking up the lock screen,
  • Opening the interface for multitasking,
  • Scanning your interface using Touch ID,
  • Opening Siri,
  • Going to the Home Screen,
  • Triggering the Accessibility options, and much more.
The number of functions performed by the Home Button is objectively too much. But what if I say you can do even more? Keep reading.

1. Disabling Reachability to avoid Accidental Triggering

Apple introduced Reachability feature with iPhone 6 so that you can use the phone with one hand. Though this is a good feature, it gets triggered even by 2 simple touches.

If you want to disable it, go to


Scroll down and toggle off the switch next to Reachability.

2. Decreasing Click Speed

To make sure that double-clicking and triple-clicking is working, there is a certain speed at which you have to click. If you do not do at a particular speed, multitasking or accessibility will not work.
If you would like to change it, go to Accessibility in your phone and tap on Home Button. From here, you can select the Click speeds from the following options:

  • Default,
  • Slow,
  • Slowest.

3. Disabling Siri to stop it from getting ON accidentally

If you have ever felt a vibration even when your phone is in your pocket, there are chances that Siri would have been activated accidentally. To prevent it from doing so, you can disable Siri on Lock Screen. This is how you can do it:


Look at options below ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED. Toggle off the button corresponding to Siri.

4. Assigning a Triple Click Action

Triple Click is something that is so rare to be activated by accident. So, you can actually assign something important to it. Generally, Accessibility Shortcuts are assigned on triple click. IF such is not the case with your iPhone, do this:


Scroll down and you will find an option Accessibility Shortcut. Select it.

5. Get on-screen Controls with Assistive Touch

If you do not like using Home Button, there is a different way through which you do not need a Home Button at all. It is called Assistive Touch.  To activate this, again go to Accessibility menu and find the Assistive Touch option. If you are unable to do so, check the images below.

If you face any problem in doing the above stated changes, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you out.