Following the announcement of Google Assistant coming to iOS, Google has made it available on App Store. The most-hyped Assitant is only available for users belonging to the United States of America.

With the help of Google Assistant, iPhone users will now be able to all such functionalities that Android users enjoy using Google Home. Google Assistant for iPhones will also support Actions on Google, hence you can also integrate third-party apps and services with Google Assistant on your phone.

What can you do with Google Assistant?

  • You can control automation devices at home like TVs, lights, music systems, and other such devices.
  • You can unlock your phone using Ok Google feature. Once your phone recognizes it’s you, it will get unlocked.
  • You can open apps with your voice.
  • You can ask Google Assitant to search some cool images for you.
  • Similarly, you can also ask Google Assitant to recite a particular poem fo you.
  • You can check the weather.
  • You can ask for suggestions such as places to eat, places for vacations, etc.
  • You can directly play Netflix shows from the Google Assistant.
  • You can ask Google Assitant to read out the news for you.
  • You can also set up reminders and alarms easily.
  • You can also send a normal text message or a WhatsApp message with the help of Google Assistant.
  • You can also play a number of Games with the Assistant.
  • You can also ask Google Assistant to translate your voice inputs into any other language.

Please note that it does not yet make Skype calls directly.

When you don’t want to speak, you can also type in your queries and it will work just fine.

Though it is released only for US users, it will further support:

  • Japanese,
  • Brazilian,
  • Italian, and
  • French.

So, please do remember that it won’t be so awesome as it is on Android, but it will be awesome. Its voice recognition system is way better than Siri and other such assistants. What are you thinking now? It definitely deserves a try. You can download Google Assistant for iPhone from iTunes here.