What is GBA4iOS

If you are looking for one of the best gaming emulators, then the perfect choice for you would be the GBA4iOS ROMs. The GBA4iOS is one of the most downloaded applications and this is available even for the non-jailbroken devices too.

Apart from that this, article is also going to show you a way for syncing the GBA4iOS ROMS within all your devices. Now, what is the GBA4iOS and why would you install it?

Why Install GBA4iOS Roms for iOS 9.4 – 10 on iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

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The GBA4iOS is one of the best gaming emulators and this lets you in downloading and installing a lot of cracked games from additional sources other than Appstore. And if you just love to play games on your device, then this one is the right choice for you.

The process for installing the GBA4iOS is really easy. It would hardly take 3-5 minutes of time. So if you can get such a beautiful emulator that offers you so much for your gaming world, why wouldn’t you download it? So, let us have a look at the steps for downloading and installing the GBA4iOS.

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How to Download GBA4iOS Roms on iOS 9.4/ 10 No Jailbreak for iPad, iPhone

1. The first step is to go the Safari browser and then you have to enter the link http://www.gba4iosapp.com/download/

2. You will have to make changes to the date and time to make the website work. Change the year to 2010 so that you can download the GBA4iOS. After changing the date, go to the above-mentioned link again.

3. Now you will get the installation link for the GBA4iOS. Click on it and when the pop-up comes, click on “allow” to continue with the installation. To trust the application, you will have to change the date again and bring it back to the present date.

4. Go to setting -> then general -> and then click on profiles and now on trust GBA4iOS. Now, to use the application you will have to again change the date to 2010. And that’s it, the GBA4iOS emulator has been successfully installed.

5. Now to download the ROMS for the GBA4iOS, you have to open the GBA4iOS app within the iPhone or iPad. Then go to the search icon. That is present at the top right corner.

6. Now you shall be redirected to the Google Homepage. Any games that you want to play, just search with the game name and the ROMS will be showed within the results.

So, now that you have done all of the downloading and installing of both GBA4iOS and the ROMS of the games, it is now time to have some fun.