Unwanted folders and files take up a lot of space on your Mac. This post will help you in getting read of all such files so that you can use that space to store things important to you. Getting read of these files also helps in smooth running of your Mac.

Getting rid of unwanted files is just a one way. There are various ways through which you can clear storage on your Mac:

Method 1: Deleting Unwanted Folders, Files & Software

  • To start with, if you have anything on your desktop that you don’t need at all, just drag and drop it into the Trash right now.
  • Go to iMovie, navigate to Move to Trash from File option, and clear the trash. Same can be done in iPhoto.
  • Open Mailbox and navigate to Erase deleted items. Open In All Accounts > Mailbox > Erase Junk Mail and erase.

Method 2: Deleting Unwanted Downloads

It is true for everyone. The least managed folder on a Mac is its download folder. Instead of letting the files to accumulate on your Mac, check the download folder right now and remove all such files. In fact, you should keep a regular check on the downloads folder.

Method 3: By Compressing Large Files

  • Right click on any folder or file you want to compress.
  • Open the shortcut menu and select Compress.
  • If you are compressing a file, then it will be saved as filename.zip after compression while a folder will get saved as Archives.zip.

If you are wondering how to find such large files, let me help you out:

Finding large files on a Mac for compression

  1. The first step is to launch the Finder.
  2. Click on Home and then go to Go. After this, press Shift + Command + H.
  3. Choose Find after clicking on File.
  4. Click on the pop-up menu and then select Other..

5. Look out for an option named File Size in Attributes column and click on its checkbox. Uncheck the remaining boxes.
 6. In the pop-up menu, change it to is greater than from equals. Also, select the file size as MB from KB.

7. Now, decide a certain size of a file and type it into the text box before MB.

Now, you can see a sorted list of files whose size is more than 300 MB. Compress all these files to clear up space on your Mac.

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