Cydia Impactor is the most efficient tool when it comes to installing unsigned apps on your iPhone or iPad. After the launch of Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10, iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.2, a number of users started getting a few errors. Out of all these errors, provision.cpp:150 was one of the prominent errors.

This error is thrown when you have enabled a 2-factor authentication on your Apple ID. To solve this, you have to generate an app-specific password. Then, use that password in Cydia Impactor instead of the normal password.

How to fix this provision.cpp:150 error?

  1. Click here to open this link and sign here using your Apple ID.
  2. After logging in, scroll down to the Security section and then click on Edit.
  3. In this sub-section, look out for App Specific Passwords and click on Generate a password.
  4. Enter a name for the password and then click on Create button.
  5. Copy the password that has been generated.
  6. Now, when you are jailbreaking, enter this password when prompted. Make sure that you enter the correct password.

The password generated above solves provision.cpp:150 error in Cydia Impactor while jailbreaking using Yalu. Just in case you disable 2-factor authentication in the future, you will have to use your normal password.

If the above steps do not work for you, then we have an alternative solution for you as well. Disable your 2-factor authentication for a temporarily period of time and enable after you are done with jailbreaking. Make sure that you only re-enable after you have installed Yalu Jailbreak.

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