Plenty of new and exciting features are expected in the new iOS 10 including Siri enhancements, Wallpaper changes, and much more. Here is a peek into some of the iOS 10 features and tricks we have unearthed which are expected to find their way into the final version.

Revamped Photos

The Photo app is the first in the iOS 10 list to undergo tweaks. It is all set for a full revamp as users get to edit specific areas of images instead of the whole photo filter.

iOS 10 Siri Enhancements

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iOS 10 Siri functionality is to gain a complete overhaul with voicemails being fully transcribed. Access to third party API apps is another first with Siri. With an all-out enhancement, Apple is aiming to deal with complaints about 3D touch not working. It is planning to expand 3D touch in the new version.

iOS 10 iMessage

One of the best and most looked forward to of the iOS tricks is the new iMessages feature, allowing you to send money. This is something that even SnapChat couldn’t accomplish. The spectacular features of iMessage do not end with the money feature alone.

Another feature you can take advantage of with iOS 10 download is its new notification center that helps identify words which could be wrongly spelled. It also provides handy suggestions on how you can replace them with the right words.

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What’s new with 3D Touch?

Several new 3D Touch features are in this update to tackle the 3D Touch not working complaints of earlier versions. Here are some of them:

1. Clear notifications

Just like the way you clear all your tabs in Safari, you can erase all notifications crammed up in your device’s lock screen. You need to just use a hard press on X icon, choose clear all notifications.

2. App download

This is another of the iOS effects that you will find very beneficial. It is a common enough scenario where you are unable to use your favorite app because of its updates. Instead of canceling or waiting for the update to be over, you can jump up the app above the queue. This updates the list by using 3D Touch priority feature.

3. Control center additions

3D Touch is of significant use in the control center. You can use it on the app icons in the bottom row such as press flashlight and find 3 options for brightness. Press timer to choose from predefined options. Press calculator to retrieve the previous calculation and best of all press camera for additional shooting options.

As you can see, there is a lot to appreciate in the new iOS10 install no jailbreak involved. The above are just a few of the iOS effects which are really cool. If you have more such tricks, do share with us.