On April 04th, 2017, Apple broke a decades-old tradition by announcing (though indirectly) its upcoming devices to select journalists. The tech giant gave a sneak peak of its plans for iMac, along with Mac Pro. And as the name suggests, it will come with pro-features focussed at providing high-end specs for the users.

Apple breaks a decades-old tradition
Apple breaks a decades-old tradition

What has actually been announced?

Though this news is actually getting more hype as compared to the amount of information, let’s check it out:

  • The new Mac Pro will come with a price tag of $3999. It will come up with 8 Xeon CPU cores. An increment of 2 cores from the latest version and the GPU will be updated to AMD Dual 700 from Dual 500.
  • The baseline Mac Pro is priced at $2999 has seen an increase to 6 Xeon cores from 4 and moves on to AMD dual D500 GPUs from D300.

If you are wondering, there are no updates to the computer ports. That means that you will not be able to plug in a USB-C cable or any Thunderbolt 3 devices.

Overall, many experts have stated that any professional would not be buying the products with these updates as all it enhances is a small increase in processing power.

New display?

As Apple has stated in the press release, a new system with pro display features would be coming but not this year. Speculations are rife that Apple will launch these devices in 2018.

No information on Mac Mini

Schiller answered a question regarding this by saying that Mac Mini is an important product in Apple’s lineup. This release was only for pro devices. Hence, Apple did not bring up Mac Mini with this release.


Though Apple broke a 30-year old tradition and it announced the devices which will not come in the market anytime soon, what these products will bring to an end-user is completely up to one’s own interpretation. All we can do is wait till next such update and find out more about the specifications of these devices.