What is the Wolfram Battery Charge Cydia Tweak?

The Low power mode that is present within the iDevices helps you in conserving the battery for a longer period of time. But we are here to tell you that you can do a lot more than you think, within your iDevices. The Wolfram is one of them.

This is a new jailbreak tweak that can be availed from Cydia and that too, free of cost. And this tweak that is available from Cydia lets you have a special feature. Now, how does the Wolfram work?

Features of Installing Wolfram Alpha Battery Charge Tweak on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod)

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If you have this tweak, whenever you turn on the power source and connect your device with it, it toggles the Low power mode on. Now, this might sound really pointless.

Because when your phone is connected to a power source, why do you need to save power? But the reason behind using this feature is, it reduces the iOS device’s demands while it is in charge.

In simple terms, when your device is connected to the power source, it won’t dissipate power because of the running background applications. In normal conditions, it would consume a lot of charge because of the running background applications.

The Wolfram limits the background activities like Email fetching, Listening to “hey Siri”, refreshing applications in the Background, Auto download from Appstore and the OTA updates.

You will also have options to configure as it adds the preferences pane within the settings app. This lets you in enabling or disabling the tweak on demand. The additional features of Wolfram tweak also include a specialized keyboard for faster inputs. Now that we have become accustomed to the work functions and features of Wolfram, let us check out how it works.

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How to Wolfram Alpha Download and Install on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – Battery Charge Cydia Tweak

1. The first steps to go to wolframalpha.com. Then from your safari browser of your device you need to touch the + button. This button is present within the footer bar of the browser.

2. Now you need to go to the menu option and then you have to select on “Add to Home Screen”. Now you have to click on “Add” on the top of the home screen. Once you add the bookmark, you can now visit the site.

3. On the search bar, type “Wolfram for iOS”. The tweak will be available for you on the website. Click on it to install on your iDevice. After the installation is complete, you can start using the tweak immediately.