We all are familiar with the most popular online instant messenger app i.e. Whatsapp. The appllication is primarily authorized for the iOS and Android platforms. However it is really surprising that the app is only available for the iPhone and not for iPad or the iPod Touch, which is a travesty.

How to Download WhatsApp Without Jailbreak iPad and iPod Touch

Download WhatsApp on iPad, iPod touch 4, 5. ipad mini, ipad air 2 Without Jailbreak

If you are one of the iPad or iPod Touch users, we are going to show you the complete steps for downloading and installing WhatsApp on your iPad/iPod touch for iOS 9.x and that too without jailbreak. But before we head into the steps of the installation, you need to have the following applications:

A PC or laptop, the latest version of the iFunbox app on your MAC or the Windows platform, an iPhone; and lastly an iPod touch or iPad depending on the device on which you want to install.

Let us check out the complete steps for downloading WhatsApp on the above-mentioned devices.

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How to Download WhatsApp on iOS 9.x for iPad, iPod Touch – No Jailbreak

The first step is to plug in the iPad or the iPod touch device into your laptop or PC/Mac. And now, with the Apple ID,

1. Open iTunes on your PC and download the WhatsApp from App Store.

2. Now, you need to enter the password when the popup shows and then click for installing the application. Once this is complete, you have to look for the Whatsapp.ipa file that was downloaded.

3. Now if you are using MAC then open the finder app and then tap on Home>> Music>> iTunes>> iTunes Media and then finally go to mobile applications where you will find the Whatsapp.ipa.

4. And if you are a windows user, you have to open the C:>>Users>>My Music >> iTunes>>iTunes Media>>Mobile Application.

5. Now, drag the WhatsApp.ipa file to the desktop screen. Open iFunbox and click on install app.

6. Now Whatsapp.ipa shall be installed on the screen. Take your iPhone; uninstall WhatsApp if it is already installed; and if it is not already installed, download and install it.

7. Once the installation is done, plug the iPhone to PC or laptop. Go to User Application>>Whatsapp, cut the document library folders and paste to your desktop. Now you have to plug out the iPhone and plug back the iPad or the iPod touch.

8. Now, move the copied folder into User Application.

That’s all folks! The installation process is now complete. You can now start chatting with your friends and family. We hope you found this article useful; and if you did, then don’t forget to share it on the social media platforms.