This application has been developed by the Chinese developers and sidesteps Apple’s security techniques to install various applications for completely free that you would normally pay a charge for.

What is Tongbu App and Why to Install it?

Tongbu goes about as an alternative to the original App Store, highlighting all the applications that you would normally find in the App Store, with the only distinction being that all the applications are free to download on Tongbu.

Useful Features of Tongbu

Download and Install Tongbu App for iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad, iPod, PC, Android No jailbreak

The application is intended for iOS users and most find it unique and interesting. The app is not only a system, it has a ton of uses for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Each one of those applications is free to download and use.

Apart from that, the system additionally permits exchanging of music files, ebooks, videos from the iDevice to your PC. It also gives you the ability to view your gallery directly from iOS 7.1 enabled iPhone or iPad and other later versions.

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Download and Install Kuaiyong App on iOS 10 No Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad

How to Download and Install Tongbu on your iPhone, iPad, iPod

1. Open Safari browser or your preferred browsing option on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (It is recommended to use Safari)

2. Once you have opened the browser, type in in the address bar.

3. This redirects you to the Tongbu site which once opened displays two forms of Tongbu app – one for the jailbroken devices (represented by a pineapple icon) and the other one for the non-jailbroken devices (represented by an apple). On the off chance that you are using a jailbroken gadget then tap on Jailbroken button; and similarly, if you’re using a non-jailbroken device, then select the Apple icon.

4. The installation procedure should automatically begin, just wait for a while. Once the application is successfully installed on your iDevice you will see it on the home screen.

The above process will only work if your device is not jailbroken. If it is, then you have to install AppSync tweak that will enable your device to support .ipa files. The only downside to using this app is that it is only available in the Chinese language.