We all know Installous was one of the most important sources that offered a huge number of applications. The huge database was completely free and even had cracked applications. Installous became hugely popular among iOS users due to this.

But with Installous taken down, you might be looking out for alternatives. And one of the most popular alternatives is AppCake. If you have already jailbroken your device then it is alright, but we understand that a lot of people do not want to jailbreak their devices.

We do not promote jailbreaking. Though this post, we are going to help you in installing AppCake on your device. Let’s start:

Install AppCake on your iPhone and iPad


Install Appcake on iOS 9 & iOS10 without Jailbreak
Install Appcake on iOS 9 & iOS10 without Jailbreak

Previously, Appcake was known as IPAStore. It is now the most preferred alternative to Installous. Its collection gets updated to offer you new choices daily. Now, before we delve deep into the steps for downloading Appcake, you need to make sure of these two things.

First ensure that you have the latest version of Cydia installed on your device and the second thing is, you have Appsync Unified. These requirements are a must because, without these, you cannot install Appcake. Now, let’s check out the steps to install Appcake.

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How to Download and Install Appcake Without Jailbreak

1. The first step is to unlock the device and then launch Cydia from the home screen. Then, you have to go to the sources and tap “Edit”.

2. Add the sources here and then put the repository of Appcake in Cydia.

3. Now you have to wait for a few minutes till the Cydia repository has been added and it has finished downloading all the necessary components that are relevant to the Appcake repository.

4. Now, you need to click on the search tab and then check for the “Appcake”. When you have found the Appcake icon, then you need to make sure that you are now downloading the latest version of the Appcake. Then just tap on it for installation. The download progress can be seen on the top right corner of the page window.

5. All you have to do now is wait patiently till the download process completes since it will depend on the internet connectivity and your data package. When the overall process is complete, you shall be notified that “Appcake has finished downloading”.

6. Press the home button and then go to the home screen to open Appcake.

This is the complete process to download and install Appcake for your iPhone or any other Apple device with iOS 9 or 10. The application is really awesome and the process is simple, especially for those who do not want to undergo the hassle of jailbreaking their devices.