Have you ever wondered how to watch Netflix offline? The much-awaited announcement from Netflix is here – Yes, Netflix is now allowing you to download movies and TV to watch offline. This Netflix offline viewing for iPad and iPhone gives viewers an excellent opportunity to watch their favorite movies from anywhere be it in transit, while on a vacation or away from a proper internet connection. However, desktop users do not have such offline support which is justified when you consider the high piracy risk. Read on to know more.

Limited Downloads

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There are certain specific limitations on the content you can download and those which you cannot. But all the in-house production shows including Stranger things, Narcos, and House of Cards are open to Netflix offline streaming mode. You can also watch movies offline and TV shows. But all shows and movies by Disney are restricted. But this may change in future.

How to Download Netflix for TV or Movies

Before you use this method, you should know that it is not possible to download all the TV shows and movies from Netflix like for instance, Disney movies and shows. Nevertheless, you have plenty of other stuff to contend with here when you download Netflix movies to watch offline.

1. The first step is to open Netflix application and select Menu option present in the upper corner to the left.

2. Tap on the ‘Available for Download’ feature. You will be able to view a list of the available shows. Select the movie or show you want to view and tap on it.

3. In the detail function, search for ‘Download’ option present near movie preview or episode preview. To begin the download, tap on it.

You can now download movies from Netflix to iPad/ PC/ watch later/ watch offline whichever is convenient for you.

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Removal of Movie/TV Show You have Downloaded

  • Tap on Menu option and select the My Downloads feature
  • In the case of TV show, tap on Edit
  • Now tap on delete button present near the title. It will resemble an ‘X’

Steps to Stop a Download Mid-way

If you want to use another Wi-Fi network or to halt the download for some other reason, you can use the ‘My Downloads’ feature.

Tap on the circular progress icon that indicates the amount of download being done. This will ‘pause’ the download. Netflix users can now watch movies offline on mobile devices.

The Netflix offline/ movies download can also be done in HD as all content are downloaded in Standard definition mode. This may not look good in iPad screens. Switching to HD is ideal in such a situation. Select ‘Settings’ option from ‘Menu’ and tap the ‘Download video quality’ option. Switch to the ‘High’ option.

You may have to use more storage space as a result of watching Netflix offline/ movies. So, if you have just 32GB or less amount of storage space, it is best to restrict your use with SD. Remember that a single video cannot be downloaded on multiple devices. An error code will appear, preventing you from downloading until you delete the app from the device.