If you own an Apple device, such as iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone, you will have access to several wonderful apps at the Apple app store, but at a premium price. But with LocaliAPStore, you can enjoy all your favorite apps without paying for them.

What is Local iAP Store?

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The free games that you install from iTunes or the Apple store have only a few levels beyond which you will have to pay money to move up the various levels. The app store blocks the higher levels which unlock only if you pay for the item. This is termed as an in-app purchase. LocaliAPStore is a Cydia tweak used to bypass the in-app purchases.

Features of Local iAP Store

With the app, you can install all the in-app applications for free.

Since it is a Cydia tweak, your device has to be jailbroken to use the LocaliAPStore app. Without a jailbroken iOS device, you cannot install this Cydia tweak.

It also needs App Sync to insert codes. This is also another Cydia tweak. Both these apps for jailbroken iOS devices are available for free on Cydia store present in popular repositories. All you need to do is add the repo sources and download the tweaks on your iPad or iPhone.

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Download and Install LocaliAPStore on iOS 10.1 above Without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad

1. You have to first jailbreak the iPad or iPhone. To install LocaliAPStore, which is basically a Cydia tweak, you should have installed Cydia on the iDevice.

2. Once you have Cydia on your device, search for AppSync. This can be easily found on repo sources such as vShare, AppAddict, and iPhone Cake.

3. It is important to add HackYouriPhone (HYI) repo as it contains the recent LocaliAPStore iOS 10.1 version. Add the address http://repo.hackyouriphone.org to the source list in your device.

4. Once the HYI source is included, type LocaliAPStore in the search tab. Choose the app in the list. Search for the Install button which is usually present on the right side of the navigation bar. Hit the install button. When the installation is completed, restart the device. It is important to reboot your device whether it is iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

5. In your settings feature, configure the Local iAP Store app.

Instructions on using LocaliAPStore for making in-app purchases are as follows:

  • Once you have installed LocaliAPStore app properly, open the app on your device
  • Enable the app by going to settings
  • Install any game or app which needs in-app purchase and tap on it
  • You can now enjoy the app or popular game for free

With Local iAP Store, you can play several popular mobile games, including Temple Run, Real Racing 3, Candy Crush, Smurfs Village, and Drag Bikes.