Zestia is a Cydia Alternative for iOS devices without jailbreak. Although jailbreak allows you to access the various advantageous features of your iPad or iPhone, it also comes with great risk as Apple developers are constantly trying to stop jailbreak altogether based on the type of device you own. This is the reason for Cydia Alternative being used.

Benefits of using How to Zestia Download

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iOS users often face an uphill task when it comes to installation of updates in their devices. Without jailbreak, they will not be able to use the tweaks, tricks, and other facilities which make iPad or iPhone an awesome experience.

Zestia is the best app for iOS users to enjoy part of the jailbreak benefits and also get Cydia user experience without getting into trouble with iOS jailbreak.

Zestia app APK 2.0 is the most recent version of Zestia Xydia. It is compatible with iOS devices including 9.3.1, 9.3.2, 9.3.3, 9.4, and iOS 10, 10.1, 10.2 and above for iPad and iPhone. Earlier named as X-Cydia, this alternative for Cydia runs smoothly on the above-mentioned iOS versions.

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NewGamePad iOS 10, 10.1, 10.2 Download Emulator on iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

Download and Install Zestia App for iOS 10 above Without Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad

1. Open the Safari browser on your Apple device. The Zestia app can be downloaded only on Safari browser as the app has compatibility only with Safari.

2. Enter the address, https://xcydia.lmdinteractive.com/ in the browser. Once this site has loaded and the page opens, you will see “Install Zestia” option in the page.

Download and install zestia app candice ios 10, 9

3. Click on the install option (Install -> Install profile -> Install)to initiate the set-up process.

Install profile zestial verified app apk version 2.0

4. Once the installation is underway, you will be required to set up your profile. To do this, you will have to enter the pin or passcode.

5. The installation process will continue and be over in a few minutes. When the process is complete, you will see the Zydia icon on the home screen of your device.

6. Click on the Zydia icon to open it. You will be taken to the home screen of Zydia which features several apps. Now select the app you need and follow the installation process. The Zydia app has a simple and easy to use interface just like the apps in the application store of Apple.

7. Return to your device’s home screen and click on ‘Settings’ feature. Tap on ‘General’ option, choose ‘Profile’ and click on the app you have installed.

8. Choose Trust option in the application and click on it when you see it in a modal pop-up box. Now the new application you have installed can be run and used.

It is not same as Cydia, Zestia – like mojo. Zestia app offers you several choices with its extensive application range. However, if you are not satisfied with the features available, going for a jailbreak is a good option. Have fun!