Released in September 2016 with much fanfare, install iOS 10 is easy to download on your Apple device including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. This is yet another offer from Apple for its popular users.

However, Apple device users have several queries and doubts regarding the update to iOS 10 install such as how to perform a hassle free update iOS 10 and whether it is actually necessary to upgrade to the latest operating system.

Learning about the features, significance, and benefits of iOS 10 will certainly let you have a better grasp on the reason for the upgrade.

Why is Install iOS 10 Important?

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An operating system upgrade is always looked forward to by users as it unleashes several new features of iOS 10 and functionalities. You can enjoy the various benefits that Apple offers with such upgrades.

With iOS 10 being touted as a massive upgrade, having it done on your device is important. You can have your messages personalized to a better scale, have access to redesigned, and user-friendly maps, better photos, use Siri enhanced apps, and other advanced and useful apps. This indeed is a long list, right?

Features of iOS 10 Download

1. Rich notification that allows direct interaction feature.

2. Improved widgets such as Calendar, Phone, Maps, Mail, Photos, Notes, Music, and tips.

3. Revamped iMessage with several beneficial features.

4. Better Siri enabled apps.

5. The home app helps you control all your HomeKit compatible fittings such as lights, thermostats or garage door.

6. Altered and better performing Apple Maps.

Download and Install iOS 10 Instructions

To update your apple phone or iPad with the new iOS 10, the first requirement is you should receive a notification in your device regarding the download availability of iOS.

You can start the installation, once you have confirmed the download notification.

Here are the steps to follow once you have confirmed that your device has sufficient space to accommodate the new operating system. Let’s get started!

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How to Download and Install iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad & iPod

1. Go to the General feature in Settings option and choose software update.

2. Now just tap on the Download and Install button

After the download is finished, tap on the install and then on the agree option under the Terms and conditions offer that appears.

ios 10 install agree option iphone, ipad

3. The operating system will initiate a system restart once you have confirmed on the free space availability in your device for the upgraded system.

install ios 10 restart option iphone ipad

4. If your phone doesn’t have sufficient space, we also have the solution for you. You simply have to use iTunes to do the installation.

If iTunes is not installed on your computer, open iTunes web page and connect your device to the system.

Select your device icon from the top bar. Click on the summary tab and update check.

5. Click on download and start updating the phone.

As you can see, the installation part and downloading the software are quite easy and performed within a short duration. You can now go ahead and enjoy your Apple Device with the latest iOS system installed on it.