In October 2016, Dash was pulled out from App Store by Apple upon receiving several reports on review manipulation. In the upcoming 5-6 weeks or so, there was this constant battle of words between its developer, Bogdan Popescu, and Apple. Though they tried to sort out the differences yet the app stayed off from the store.

The developer stated that the account associated with the app on App Store has been mishandled by a third-party. And then Apple presented its evidence and it seemed that Dash might not make a come back at all.

From October 2016 to May 2017, there have been many other developers that have put different versions of Dash. These versions slightly differ from the original version of Dash.

Dash is back

After almost 7 months, Popescu recently announced on his official  blog that Dash is back on App Store. According to him, there have been various manipulated versions and hence, there was a dire need for an official version. So, to add Dash back to App Store, he created a personal developer account which was duly accepted by Apple. According to him,

“Quite a few “developers” have even added it to the App Store themselves, violating the GNU GPL license in the process. Apple has been very responsive in removing these apps, but the developers kept adding it back in different shapes and forms and I gave up on filling the same copyright claim forms over and over.

I’ve made a personal developer account which Apple accepted and the review for Dash for iOS went through without any issues. I hope this will somewhat stave off the pirated copies of Dash from appearing on the App Store. We’ll see.”

Popescu has also stated that Dash for Mac will be available directly through his website. It would not be available on App Store for Mac.


To our readers those who don’t know what is Dash, it is a really useful app. According to the official blog, it provides instant search and access to any API documentation you need. There are around 150+ API documentations available.

As Dash for iOS is free, you should download it right now. You can download Dash from here.