With every new update in iOS, Apple is trying its best to fix the security flaws that get reported and patch all such vulnerabilities. So, if you have jailbroken your iPhone, it is equally important at your end to keep your device secure. With the increment in an influx of viruses and worms, you also have to take care of updates from Apple to keep your jailbroken iPhone secure. Here is a 5-point guide for you to keep your jailbroken iPhone secure:

1.      Change SSH Default Passwords

If you have jailbroken your iPhone and have installed SSH on your device, then it is an absolute must for you to do. Various worms do log in via SSH with the default password in jailbroken iPhones. This is what you can do to change your default root and mobile passwords:

  • Install the mobile terminal app from Cydia store.
  • Open mobile terminal. At the launch to log in to the root, type su and then type the default password.
  • Once you are logged in, type passwd. passwd is a UNIX command to change the password of the current user. Now, type your new password and enter it again when prompted.
  • Now, it’s time to type passwd mobile. It is a UNIX command to change the default password of mobile for the current user. Enter your new password and enter it again when prompted again.

2.      Be cautious while using public Wi-Fi

Like the way you do on your laptop, you have to make sure that when you are using a public Wi-Fi with no known source of origin, there might be a possibility that some perpetrator is out there who is sniffing the data you are transmitting through your device.

This is not rocket science; it is actually pretty simple. Let’s say you are at home and doing online transactions, then prefer your internet data over a public Wi-Fi.

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This is how you can keep your Jailbroken iPhone secure

3.      Wait for the updates

Updates are released regularly for iOS. So if you have jailbroken your iPhone, always wait for a new jailbreak tool to be released. There is a good possibility that the update can actually negate your jailbreak.

4.      App Locker

If you are really serious about your data, then this is something you should do. Just go to Cydia App store right now and download an app locker that locks your apps as well apart from the passcode.

5.      Downloaded from trustworthy and known sources

With your jailbroken iPhone, you can do almost anything you want to do. Just in case you didn’t know, apps can access certain areas of your phone that you would like to keep then under wraps. So, before downloading any app from Cydia, always verify its published and go through its reviews. You are only doing a favor to your online safety.

So, this was our list of safety measures you should take to keep your jailbroken iPhone secure as with great power, comes great responsibility. If there is something that we have missed and you think it should be on this list, feel free to drop us a text.