Though you might not hear about refurbished Apple products, but time and again, you do hear about the. The tech giant starts selling the refurbished product some time after the launch of a particular product.  At times, you can also find them on Apple’s website.

What are refurbished products?

These are those devices that have been returned by the users for any reason. Apple then makes suitable changes to the product (so that the reason behind the return is properly taken care of). After that, such products are put back into the market with a price tag significantly lower than the original devices. They also have a refurbished label with them.

The better side

When it comes to refurbished products, the best part is their price. There is a significant reduction of about 10 to 20% from the original price. So if are tight on your budgets, you should definitely go for it. Just to mention, you can get as much as 35-40% off on certain products.

Buying Refurbished Apple Products: Pros & Cons
Buying Refurbished Apple Products: Pros & Cons

The downside

If we talk about the downside of refurbished products, there are two things that need to be mentioned.

First, while the most companies give an extended warranty on their refurbished products, same is not the case with Apple. There is only 1-year warranty which comes with new products as well. So, even though a fully-functional product is promised but there is no difference in warranty.

Second, outdated devices. We are almost one quarter down in 2017 and Apple is still selling refurbished devices from 2014 or 2015. Though these products are outdated but Apple makes sure that you are not getting duped. If you are buying one of the refurbished products, please keep in mind that you will not be getting updated technology.


One of the major reasons behind people going for refurbished products is to save money. So, if you don’t mind buying a slightly older product, you should definitely go for it.

If questions like What if the refurbished product is not working properly?

If this is the question, it has a solution as well. Even the newest of devices come with a defect or two at times. So, if you refurbished device comes with a defect, make sure that you use your 1-year warranty.