Without a doubt, Apple keeps trying to patch up every hole in its operating system, iOS. It is becoming difficult for crackers to find alternative ways to install some really cool apps in iPhone or iPad. There are various ways to install an application without jailbreaking your device. All such ways are becoming extinct as they face various certificate errors. BuildStore offers you a solution for the same.

In order to install apps from third party sources, at times you might need to restart your phone or even change the date time and many more things.

So if you are a real iPhone lover who likes to have Jailbroken Apps on non-jailbroken devices, We, at iPadTips, would recommend you to use BuildStore.

What is BuildStore?

It is an app service provider which installs apps to your Apple devices that are either not listed in App Store or cracked. Also, it lets you use those apps as well that are removed from the App Store.

Head out to their website right now to check their collection of apps.


How does it update the installed apps?

BuildStore has tight collaborations with app developers. Only because of this collaboration, they are able to publish regular updates. Not only these updates are stable as compared to other Cydia Apps, it also provides 24×7 customer services. Whenever an app is updated, it announces it via Twitter.

Also, if there is any app that you need and it is not there, it also accepts the requests from its users to add more apps to its ecosystem.

BuildStore’s Content Policy

Its content policy ensures that the apps uploaded on its store do not contain malicious code. Also, it makes sure that the apps do not harm a user’s device in any way. So, you can install BuildStore without any fear of losing any data or your device getting affected in any way.

These features make BuildStore the most reliable option available in the market, just at $9.99/year. With many positive reviews, BuildStore is surely loved by many.

Apps available on BuildStore

Check out the following images to get a glimpse of apps available on BuildStore.

Apps Available on BuildStore: Retro Apps & Tweaks
Apps Available on BuildStore: Retro Apps & Tweaks
Apps Available on BuildStore: Games & Utilities
Apps Available on BuildStore: Games & Utilities

So, go to BuildStore’s website right now and check it out. If you start using it, do share your reviews with us in the Comments Section.