Brawl Stars is a really easy to get familiar with the game. It is made even simpler with its frantic fun and combat system. At first, it might seem like easy, but it is really hard to master. Each character has its own set of –

  • Abilities,
  • Weapons,
  • Stats, and
  • Strategies.

However, there exist a few strategies that will make you a better brawler irrespective of the player you are playing with.

Brawl Stars game has four modes: Smash & Grab, Heist, Showdown, and Bounty. Each mode has its own set of objectives. We will deal with tips and tricks of each mode.

Smash & Grab

In this mode, every team has to grab the crystals from the center of the map while battling with the other team. When a player dies, all the crystals he is carrying are dropped onto the map for others to pick. The first team to collect a minimum of 10 crystals and hold them for at least 16 seconds wins the round. Here are a few tips for you:

1. Use Obstacles as your Advantage

If you play Smash & Grab, you will notice that there are a lot of obstacles scattered across the ground. You can use them to your advantage by safely hiding behind them before firing.

As most of the characters can not shoot through rocks, barrels, and mushrooms, and other such objects, they provide you a perfect cover even in the case of continuous firing when an enemy is chasing you.

Please, also note that covers can not protect you from everything. There are some brawlers who have special ability to break through the obstacles and hurt you. So, whenever you see a yellow ring around your enemy, beware!

2. Don’t take on Tank Brawlers Alone!

Brawlers that have a number of hit points are not easy to be taken down. It becomes even harder if you are trying to do it alone.

So, if you see a tank brawler like El Primo or Bull, it is better to wait for your teammates and then attack. This will not only help you in surviving but also stop the tanks from killing the brawlers with a low amount of XP.

3. When your team has 10 or more crystals, run away!

When your team has 10 or more crystals, then just run away. There is nothing sort of feeling coward if you want to win. Once your team members have collected 10 or more crystals, the 16-second countdown to give you a win in the round starts off. This forces your enemies to go all offensive on you if they want to win. So, the safest place is to come to the bottom of the stage where your team respawns.

Getting back to the point of respawning will do these things:

  • The enemies will require significant amount of time during the countdown to reach you,
  • Your team members will be nearby you to pick any crystals that you drop,
  • As you are right next to the respawning point, getting back in the game is easier.

4. Protect the Characters with the most number of Crystals

It might harm the progress of your team to respond to every fire from the enemy. But it is really productive if your team is close to winning and you try to protect your teammate with the most number of crystals.

5. Go After the Enemy with the most number of Crystals

If you are in a situation where an enemy has initiated the countdown for winning the round, you should follow the opponent with the most number of crystals. If you are successful in killing him, then you can immediately collect the dropped crystals and turn the tide of the match.

6. Attack Poco

Poco is the only brawler in the game who has this special ability to heal his team members even when he is fighting the enemies. This is something completely out of the box and it helps in keeping the crystal carriers alive.

So, if you see a Poco in the enemy team, kill him as soon as possible. This will give your team a better chance of winning.

7. Run Away & Heal

If there is no brawler who is Poco in your team, then the only way to heal yourself is to not to take enemy fire for a few seconds.

If you are in a situation where your health is really low, try to avoid the combat for a few seconds and give your brawler a chance to heal.


In Heist mode, there are two teams: one is defending while the other is attacking. The defending team has the responsibility of protecting the safe that guards their crystals. The attacking team to make sure that the safe falls down.

The duration of each match of the heist is 2 and a half minutes. If the safe still stands at the end, then the defending team wins the round. Otherwise, the attacking team wins the round.

Check out some tips and tricks for this mode below.

1. Use Your Special Ability on the Safe

In the Heist mode, the main objective is to cause as much as damage to the safe. You might want to save your special abilities for the later when the enemies are attacking you. But special abilities are quite powerful. So you must use them to attack at the safe as special abilities cause more damage to the safe. Hence, they effectively increase your chances of winning.

2. Blow up TNT Crates

If you play the game in this mode, you will notice that the safe is not completely unprotected. There is a fence which provides cover to the safe. Like the most of the obstacles in the game, it is not so easy to penetrate the fence with a normal attack.

You can break through this cover if you cause the TNT boxes to explode. So, if you attack the TNT crates early in the game, your team has the opportunity of attacking the safe from all the angles.

Alternatively, if you are defending the safe, then you should prevent your opponents from blasting off the TNT boxes.

3. Try using Long Range Brawlers

The battlefield in this mode is generally less cluttered than the ones in other modes. Hence, there are fewer obstacles and lesser places to take cover. Since your enemies are out on the cover, brawlers with long-range shooting abilities are of great use.

You should play this mode with brawlers like Ricochet, Brock, and Colt to win this game easily. Killing your enemies before they even come close to you will definitely give you an edge in this mode.


This is the only game mode which is not a 3-vs –3 mode. It is a 10-player mode where every player is for himself. The last brawler standing wins the game.

To win games in this mode, move cautiously around the map as everyone is out to kill you. Also, you don’t respawn and get a chance to come back to the game to win it. Also, while you are traveling around the map, keep looking out for the barrels as they contain power-ups. These power-ups will give you a significant advantage over your enemies.

In this mode, rewards are based on the amount of time you last in a game. Hence, the longer you last, better rewards you get. Can you survive till the end? These tips will help you out.

1. Break Open Charge Crates

In this mode, you will come across charge crates that will have a big painting on the side. This big white painting will feature a photo of a white lightning bolt. Inside these crates, there is a portion that increases the stats of your brawler. This potion also makes your character better at brawling. The more potions you have, the stronger your character becomes. Get as many as you can!

Bonus tip: If you kill an enemy, all the potions he has picked up drop down for you to collect.

2. Look out for Weaker Characters

While you are out in the middle looking out for brawlers and potions, engage in a fight with those brawlers that have fewer potions than you.

By attacking and killing weaker characters in the game, you will become stronger by collecting their options.

3. Let the others fight it out

Once again, this is something that you might not like but it is actually effective.

Find a patch of tall grass in the map and stay put. If you remain still in the grass, no one will know where you are. What you can do it wait till the end and come out strongly when only 1-2 brawlers are remaining.


This is a classical team-on-team deathmatch. You have to collect stars for your team by defeating your opponents while at the same time making sure that you don’t get killed. The team with the most number of starts in the end of a match wins it.
Keep reading as there are few tips for you to excel in this mode as well. Also, keep in mind that the main objective of your team is to collect starts by eliminating the opponents.

1. Tank Brawlers Excel in Bounty

Are you wondering why tank brawlers give you an edge in the Bounty mode?

Well, tank brawlers like El Primo and Bull have more hitpoints. This means that they are harder to kill in the game. The harder your brawler is to kill, the slower it becomes for the opponent team to collect stars. While writing this guide for you, I played with a number of combinations and believe me when I say this,

the team that had at least one tank brawler has plenty of success and won at least 9 out of 10 matches.

2. Smash & Grab tips will work in the bounty as well

I discussed in detail about how to succeed in the Smash & Grab mode. These two modes are quite similar to each other in terms of gameplay. Hence, most of the tips of Smash & Grab will be applicable here as well. Here’s a summary of tips from Smash & Grab section for you:

  • If there is tank brawler in the opposition, then don’t take him alone. Make sure that you have got your teammates with you.
  • Poco is the only character in the game which heals its allies as well. He keeps on doing this even when he is fighting while the game is going on. So, if you see a Poco in the enemy team, go for an all-out offensive attack on him.
  • If you are losing your health fastly and also unable to heal yourself, run away from the fighting scene. Find yourself a safe cover and wait for your character to heal itself so that you can go out there with full strength.

Got Some Tips?

Well, these are a few things that I have come out with on my analysis of the game. Is there something that I have missed out? Or is there something that you would want to see in this cheatsheet? Feel free to mention it in the comments or drop an email to us. We would love to hear your suggestions.

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