The developers of the most successful games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, etc. have recently launched a brand new game. It goes by the name of Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars

It is a 3v3 top-down shooting game in which players from all around the world battle in an ultimate fight. As you start playing the game, you will start unlocking new characters and game modes. You can download Brawl Stars from here.

Game Modes

The objective of the game depends upon the mode of the game. There are 4 different modes but you do not have any control over which modes are available at what time as they are randomly selected.

Smash & Grab

In this mode, the task of each team is to grab crystals from the center of the map while fighting the battle against the opposite team. If a player dies, all the crystals collected by him are ready to be collected by the other players. The first team which collects 10 crystals and holds them for a count-down of 16-seconds wins the round.


In this mode, there are two teams: defending and attacking. The defending team has to defend the lock that safeguards the crystals. The Heist mode lasts for 25 minutes per match. If the safe as not yet been breached, the defending team wins. Otherwise, the attacking team wins.


This mode is a traditional deathmatch between two teams. You have to make sure that you collect as many stars as you can while also to make sure that you do not get killed. At the end of the match, the team which has the most number of stars wins the match.


This is the only mode which is not a 3v3. In this mode, it is a free-for-all game where 10 players participate in a match and the last man standing wins.

In this mode, you have to make sure that you travel around the entire map cautiously as every man is for himself. Also, once you get killed in this mode, you do not respawn.So, the longer you last in this mode, better rewards you get at the end of the match.

Game Events

There is a Brawl tab at the bottom of your screen. You can access game modes through a series of game events.

These game events are available only for a specific period of time. The time is specified by the green text in the top right corner of each event. Once an event expires, a new event will appear for you to play. The new event might be the same mode on a different map or a completely different event.

If you start playing Brawl Stars, you will only have one unlocked gaming slot. But as you progress through the game, you will unlock these modes by collecting more brawlers. To unlock the second mode, you will need 3 brawlers, 5 for the third and 8 for the fourth.


Brawlers are those characters that represent you in the game’s virtual world. With the help of Brawlers, you fight with your opponents. In this game, each brawler has his own style of fighting, weapon and a super-ability which makes it unique.

In the entire game, there is a total of 15 brawlers. You will have access to only one brawler when you start playing the game. This brawler’s name is Shelly. You can unlock more brawlers by opening Brawl Boxes.

Brawl Boxes

Brawl Boxes are just like Treasure Chests. They take 100 coins or 10 gems to open. As you start winning matches and level up and start climbing the ranks, you will be rewarded with coins. Here in this game, the gems are a premium currency that you have to pay for through purchases made in-app.

Brawl Box contains a number of things. They can either give you a new brawler or upgrade your existing brawlers by increasing their strengths. Here is a list of rewards that you might find in a Brawl Box:

  • New Brawlers,
  • Chips: If you open a brawl box and there comes a brawler that you already have, you are rewarded with a Chip. You can use these chips to buy a new brawler that you do not have access to. The cheapest brawler costs 3 chips while the most expensive brawler costs 600 chips.
  • Exilir: These are the portions that are used to upgrade the current brawlers. Generally, you receive one exilir at a time and if you are lucky, you can even get a five-pack.

Upgrading Brawlers

All of your brawlers have following stats:

  • Health,
  • Damage, and
  • Super Ability Damage.

You can not directly upgrade these stats by using stats. You have to use Exilirs to update your brawlers. Though the first update only costs you 1 exilir, but the following updates cost more and more. So, save your exilirs for the later to upgrade your favorite brawler.

Control Mode

You can change the way you control your brawlers. You have two options available: One is Joystick Move and other is Tap to Move.

  • Joystick Move: Here, you have to move your brawler by using a virtual joystick. You have to drag your finger anywhere on the screen and then tap on a target to shoot.
  • Tap to Move: You have to tap on a screen to move your brawler to that location. Then you have to drag your weapon to aim and fire.

Choose the method that you find easier.


If you go to the social tab in the main menu of the game, you will have an option of joining a team. As of now, you can only chat in a Band. There are no special bonuses for being a band member.

Premium Currency

There is only one type of premium currency in this game i.e. gems. The only way to purchase gems is by buying them through in-app purchases.

What else do you need to know?

So, this was our complete guide on Brawl Stars game. We will be coming up with its tips and tricks shortly.

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