The highly anticipated game from Nintendo, Pokemon Go at long last got released and immediately it turned into a hit. Not all gamers are able to access the game as it is only available for people living in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

Pokemon Tips: Best Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Tips and Tricks Cheats, Pokemon Go Hacks (Hoe to Play)


There is, however, no reason to be pitiful as you can at present play and enjoy the game with the use of some simple tips and tricks that will fake the GPS, that is, fake your locality. Likewise, the gamers will be happy to learn the following tricks through which you catch as many Pokémon and thereby advance to higher levels:

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1. Hunt for Pokémon in Groups

This is one of the Pokemon tips or tricks could not only provide an enjoyable time to catch up and to chat with friends while walking around your neighborhood hunting for Pokémon, yet you can make more progress as a group.

While venturing into different territories will help you find diverse sorts of Pokémon, places with numerous PokéStops guarantee that you will not come up short on Pokéballs while you hunt.

2. Throw the Pokéball on Target and Earn Points

Catching Pokémon involves more than simply hurling a Pokéball. Long pressing the Pokéball creates a contracting target ring in case you come across a creature. The ring hues will give you a clue on how easy or difficult it will be for you to catch it.

Green means it is simple; yellow indicates its normal; orange means quite difficult while red indicates it’s really hard. The exactness with which you hurl the Pokeball could earn you extra XP points and a higher chance of catching the creature.

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Spinning the Pokeball till it sparkles before you hurl it gets you a “Curveball” XP reward. In this way, you can easily attain greater points and reach higher levels.

3. Frequent Popular Areas

Pokestops are great places to catch Pokémon, but it is important to note that there are higher chances of catching these creatures in more densely populated areas. Try for instance train stops parks as well as parking lots and catch loads of them.

4. Use the Radar Ring to Discover Pokémon

As you wander around, you will notice that your avatar has a little ring to it that seems to pulse. This ring is your own radar as you play and you should use it to help you figure out if you are sufficiently close to a PokéStop. It as well detects stationary and hiding Pokémon out of their hiding places.

Once you have followed a Pokémon to zero steps that imply it is in your vicinity. Standing for a few minutes will bring out the Pokemon out of its hiding place.

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5. Do not Ignore Rustling Grass and Leaves

Unlike previous games where rustling grass or leaves warned of impending danger and attacks, such could mean that there is a wandering Pokémon close by. Wait for a while and you should be able to catch it.

Let us know how well these steps help you in catching more Pokémon and advancing in the game.