Being able to purchase an iPad Air has seemed impossible. The stores are not carrying the product or it is out of stock. Many stores, who originally had carried the Apple product have not seen any recent shipments to replenish the empty shelf space.

There have been rumors surfacing that Apple is wanting to fizzle out the iPad Air 2 and replace it with the iPad Pro 2. It appears that Apple is looking to eliminate the iPod Air from its inventory and have the iPad 2 available in its place.

There are minimal stores that have different versions of the Air 2 and other stores are not planning on receiving any more of that product. There have been reports that few retailers plan to have a supply of Air 2 in late February 2017.

The shipment may be Apple’s way of getting rid of the Air 2’s that are left in the warehouse. Once space is freed up for the Pro 2, it will be time to release it for purchase. The Pro 2 will have an upgraded function and have faster loading features.

iPad Pro 2
iPad Pro 2

iPad Pro 2 Release

The iPad Pro 2 is expected to be fully released sometime during 2017. The new iPad Pro 2 is going to be available in three different versions. These versions have similar features and iOS, apps, and games, but the sizes are not the same.

The first expected version has decreased specs and is approximately 9.7 inches in size. The second version has a unique design and is approximately 10.5 inches in size. The final version of the iPad Pro 2 is approximately 12.9 inches in size and comes with higher specs. A product that has higher specifications can increase the functionality and performance.

The reason that the iPad Air 2 may be dying out is because the iPad Pro 2 is its improvement. The Air 2 had trouble with loading and lag. The iPad Pro 2 is going to be faster loading speed and lag free. Being able to purchase a Pro 2 that does not lag and buffer, will make Apple customers happier.

The loading and functionality of the Air 2 had some bugs. The new Pro 2 is going to be the high-end version of the Air and it is going to exceed the functionality of the older iPad. The new version will offer three different size options available for customers to purchase.

The extra size allows users to have a choice of small, medium or large iPad Pro 2 instead of small or large like the Air 2.