With the release of iOS 10, we saw some excessively astonishing new features. Apple is supposedly wanting to showcase redesigns to Siri and a better than ever Apple Music service. That is insufficient to get iOS users really excited and we have gathered together the top 10 highlights that Apple did with iOS 10.

iOS 10 Features New and Designs of Siri, User Control, and Camera

Top 10 Best Apple iOS 10 Features Siri Update Download Cydia Jailbreak

1. Manual Camera

Apple’s camera application functions admirably enough, however, does not compare to the most recent releases from LG and Samsung. Although Apple does not have an issue with picture quality you are restricted with regards to the photographs you can take; you have no manual settings other than focus and exposure.

It would be wise if iOS users can be allowed to choose the shutter speed, exposure, ISO as well as white balance.

2. Integration of Siri with third party apps

Siri is entirely helpful, particularly with the capacity to use it hands-free on the new models. Notwithstanding, its failure to work with different applications is a bother and something iOS users would really love to see.

If Apple somehow managed to give engineers direct access to Siri, voice control on iOS could turn out to be significantly more than a just a gadget.

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3. Lock Screen Redesigning

There is an update on the lock screen with new notifications and extended use of 3D Touch on your iOS gadget. You can stay in the discussion right on the lock screen and receive app notifications once you click in with 3D touch.

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4. Improvements on Apple Pay

iOS 10 Features Apple Pay Improvements

Any individual who has used Apple pay will concur that it is exceptionally satisfying, especially the way that it requires your fingerprint, adding subtle security. Be that as it may, Apple Pay should go further and improve on this, by making a way through which trade points can be stacked on the device.

5. Multi-User Support

iOS 10 Features User Accounts

If Apple genuinely needs the iPad to supplant the PC, multiuser backing would be a good beginning and include a guest account would go a long way in establishing this.

6. Removal of Built-in Apps

iOS 10 Features Built-in Apps

It would be satisfying if Apple permitted users to uninstall built-in apps that they do not use, but which occupy precious storage space. In the event that you need to reinstall the application or Newsstand, they should establish a way through which you can simply do so from the App Store.

7. Provide more dynamic wallpapers

8. The HomeKit

Apple’s HomeKit system permits compatible home devices to converse with each other. Yet, Apple has yet to make a central application for dealing with these gadgets. While you can get an outsider application to do this, a home-made HomeKit controller must be a positive move towards improving their brand.

9. Redesign the volume control. Develop a way it can appear at the side as opposed to how it appears in the middle of the screen

10. Apple should also make it easier to upload a batch of photo attachments to an e-mail.

Let us know which is your favorite feature of iOS 10.