Now that iOS 11 has been officially launched on September 12, 2017, we can enjoy all the great features and specifications. But as the saying goes: with something good, there comes something bad as well.

Same is the case with iOS 11.

There are a few things that you will definitely find annoying. And believe me when I say this, you will not like them at all.

In iOS 11, “some settings that we are used to” have been moved to different places. There are some features such as:

  • Auto-playing videos,
  • Thumbnail previews,
  • and other annoying issues.

So, these are a few issues that will definitely annoy you. As we dig deeper, there will be even more annoying issues that we will have to deal with. As soon as we discover more about the new operating system by Apple, we will update this guide.

So, here are a few things that might annoy you. And we have solutions for them, definitely. So, let’s start.

Auto Brightness Settings Moved

We rarely use Auto Brightness mode on our phones. This statement is true for almost everybody. One of the most common reasons for not using this mode is because of battery consumption. Also, at times, it does not work as properly as a user will expect.

Now, if you go to Display & Brightness in your iPhone running on iOS 11, you will not find this setting at all. It has been moved to a different and less convenient place. See the images below to get more clarification.

Options to Add Email Accounts to Mail

If you had to add an email account to your phone, this is what you had to do:

Go to Settings > Accounts > Add a new account.

Alternatively, you were able to add email accounts directly from either Calendar or Contacts app settings.

But in iOS 11, Apple has decided to group adding an email option at one single place. Now, if you have to add an email address to your phone, you will find an altogether different section in the Settings.

Auto-Play Videos in the App Store

No one liked the autoplay feature on Facebook or Twitter. Same goes for App Store as well. Whenever you are browsing the App Store to find a particular application, and it has a video preview applicable, the video will start playing automatically.

This does not only annoy a user but also consumes sufficient amount of data. Apart from these two reasons, it somewhat takes away the control over what a user would want to access.

Night Shift Mode is now Hidden!

If you are one of those users who use Night Shift Mode, then this one is for you. I am a very frequent user of Night Shift Mode and I was quite disappointed that this option is not available anymore in new Control Center. Though the last statement is not entirely correct, it just takes another swipe to reach it to it.

Earlier in iOS 10, Night Shift mode was available with just one swipe. Now, if you open Control Center in iOS 11, it shows nothing at the first sight.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi: No one-tap Turn Off

Earlier in iOS 10, when you had to turn on or off either Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you just had to tap once. Fast forward to iOS 11, turning off in one tap does not work anymore. If you tap once in iOS 11 on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi icon, it will just disconnect from the connected device or the network. Also in iOS 11, you can not turn them off either by using a long press or 3D touch.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Buttons in iOS 11

Taking Screenshot: A thumbnail Everythime

Needless to say, Apple’s screenshot editing feature is just awesome. But there will be a set of people who will not like the thumbnail feature. From my personal point of view, I do not like it at all. For example, you are reading an article and need to take a screenshot, you will have to pass through the thumbnail anyway to continue reading the article.

All you can do is to quickly dismiss the thumbnail and continue working.

Screenshot Preview

Fish Live Wallpapers are no more available!

Though Apple added a few new live wallpapers, they also removed a few when compared to iOS 10. Especially, the live fish wallpaper is gone. Though there is a way to get them back it still does not work properly. We will discuss it in the upcoming posts.

At the bottom of iMessage: App Drawer

If you are not using any app simultaneously while using iMessages, it will not be a problem for you. But if you are using multiple apps at a time and open iMessages, there will be an App Drawer at the bottom which will definitely annoy you if you do not want to see the screen space occupied by it.

App Drawer

No 3D Touch Gesture for App Switcher

For those who preferred 3D touching at the bottom-left corner of your screen to access the App Switcher instead of Home Button. Well, sorry to break the bad news to you, but it is not available anymore.

Is there anything else about iOS 11 that annoys you?

If yes, feel free to share your experience with us. And just in case you have any queries related to iOS 11, we will be happy to help you out.

In the upcoming posts, we will deal with the above things one by one.